IFA 2019: Huawei releases Kirin 990 with built-in 5G!

IFA 2019: Huawei releases Kirin 990 with built-in 5G!
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A few days after Samsung’s reveal of the Exynos 980, it is Huawei’s turn to release its own chipset with a built-in 5G, the Kirin 990.
IFA 2019: Huawei releases Kirin 990 with built-in 5G!
Kirin 990 with built-in 5G!

The next great flagship mobile chipset?

Just a quick recap, previous-generation 5G-ready chips needed a separate 5G modem to make 5G work. For example, Kirin 980 needs the Balong 5000 5G modem. But now, Huawei has a chip with built-in 5G!
Dubbed as the most powerful CPU ever
Dubbed as the most powerful CPU ever
For the specs, Kirin 990 comes in two versions, the Kirin 990 5G, and Kirin 990 4G. As their names suggest, Kirin 990 5G has 5G and Kirin 990 4G only has 4G.
5G speed test
5G speed test
Kirin 990 5G is based on TSMC’s latest 7+ manufacturing process with EUV. The result, the 5G version of the chip has 10.3 billion transistors. On the other hand, the Kirin 990 4G has 8.0 billion transistors. In comparison, the Kirin 980 last year only has 6.9 billion transistors.
They said that it is the most Advanced Integrated Design
They said that it is the most Advanced Integrated Design
Kirin 990 5G is based on 2x A76 power cores clocked at 2.86GHz, 2x A76 cores clocked at 2.36GHz and 4x A55 cores at 1.95GHz. Kirin 990 4G has the same power core clock speed at 2.86GHz but has a slower normal A76 and A55 cores at 2.09GHz and 1.86GHz, respectively.

Both are paired with the Mali-G76 MP16 GPU. Not MP10, not MP12, but MP16. It also has the Smart Cache for improved Graphic Intensive Gaming.

It also has a new design for its NPU based on Da Vinci architecture, it has a Big-Core for powerful AI computations and a Tiny-Core for Ultra-Low power AI computation. It has 3 cores in total. It can be used

The chips also have support for LPDDR4-4266 + LLC RAM.

For 5G, Huawei claimed that it has an NR Downlink up to 2.3 Gbps and NR Uplink up to 1.25GHz. It has support for the sub 6GHz 5G networks for both SA and NSA architecture. And yes, it is a multi-mode modem.

Huawei also stated that it has a new 5th-generation ISP (image signal processor) that enables new “DSLR-level” noise reduction.

Huawei is also claiming that it is the World’s 1st in the following departments:

  • World’s 1st 5G SoC Powered by 7nm+ EUV
  • World’s 1st 5G NSA & SA Flagship SoC
  • World’s 1st 16-Core Mali-G76 NPU
  • World’s 1st Big-Tiny Core Architecture NPU
  • World’s 1st with DSLR-level noise reduction

While it may not be that relevant for now since our network providers are not yet really ready for 5G, it is still quite exciting that we have this type of tech right now.

5G is here and it is the only way to go and let us just allow them to build and build better 5G solutions.

Expect to see the new Kirin 990 and 990 5G with the upcoming Mate 30 phones on September 19.

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