Microsoft’s top exec questions US government’s moves vs Huawei

Microsoft's top exec questions US government's moves vs Huawei
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Embattled Huawei seems to have enticed an ally after tech giant Microsoft denounced the US government’s recent moves against the Chinese company. 
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Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith

The executive revealed that Microsoft had approached the government, demanding the latter to explain its decisions. However, Smith was disappointed on how the regulators responded. 

Oftentimes, what we get in response is, ‘Well, if you knew what we knew, you would agree with us, ‘And our answer is, ‘Great, show us what you know so we can decide for ourselves. That’s the way this country works, Smith said. 

Huawei was greatly affected by the US-China trade war, as evident with the American government’s move to include the firm under its blacklist, hindering Huawei to do business with US-based companies. 

Smith argued that US regulators must support their actions with a “sound basis in fact, logic, and the rule of law.”

To tell a tech company that it can sell products, but not buy an operating system or chips, is like telling a hotel company that it can open its doors, but not put beds in its hotel rooms or food in its restaurant. Either way, you put the survival of that company at risk, Smith said. 

Smith also expressed his worry about the possible tighter restrictions on the exporting of technologies, which could impact Microsoft. 

Huawei, on the other hand, is keeping its optimism as it continues its backup plan. 

Source: Neowin

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