Nokia and Smart to bring Industry 4.0 to Southeast Asia

Nokia and Smart to bring Industry 4.0 to Southeast Asia
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Right after the first successful live 5G standalone video call experiment, Nokia and Smart teamed up to bring Industry 4.0 to Southeast Asia.

Nokia and Smart to bring Industry 4.0 to Southeast Asia
Smart x Nokia

Industry 4.0 is coming to Southeast Asia

The first 5G “standalone” video call used systems such as Nokia’s cloud-native core solutions that are entirely 5G-based. This means that no previous generation network architecture is has been used.

The standalone systems will become more important as the Philippines and the entire Southeast Asian region start to move towards Industry 4.0. This means that the industry becomes increasingly connected.

According to research by McKinsey and Company, Industry 4.0 is expected to deliver between USD 216 billion and USD 627 billion in value in the ASEAN member economies.

A core component of this architecture is network slicing that allows service providers to partition their networks into discrete “slices” to support specific use cases or sectors.

This in collaboration with reliable, low-latency capabilities will enable the delivery of new use cases such as real-time remote control robotics, more reliable autonomous transport vehicles and other enterprise 5G uses.

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