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Goodbye Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011

Probably the biggest news of the history, Apple confirmed that Steve Jobs at 56 yrs old has passed away this day in his battle for Pancreatic cancer. From the Apple Website: Apple has lost a…

iPhone S release

iPhone 4S Price List and New Features

After all the rumors of an iPhone 5, instead Apple release a upgrade version for its iPhone4, the iPhone 4S. Though it is not really that surprising based on the trends on their iPhone releases….

amazon kindle fire appsgadget

Amazon’s Kindle Fire Introduction

The 7-inch touchscreen utilizes the power of Amazon’s cloud for faster web browsing and multimedia. It’s based on the Android OS, but doesn’t look or feel like an Android device. It’s an Amazon device, with…

xperia studio appsgadget

Xperia Studio Now Available

Xperia Studio invites people across the globe to test the limits of mobile technology. Not by making calls clearer or screens brighter, but by seeing how a phone can remake reality. To that end, we…