Realme 5i First Look and Impressions

Realme 5i cover
Realme 5i cover

RealMe has been on a roll with its successful 2019 RealMe record breaking sales . With its budge friendly smartphones, it help grow the company to create more new models and increase its shipping worlwide. With the success of its previous phone releases like the Realme 5, Realme Pro and just recently the Realme Air Buds

This 2020 Realme recently release its 1st smartphone of the year with the Realme 5i. This is a slight upgrade to the RealMe 5 in terms of specs.  I just recently used this unit and so far it has been a good solid phone with very sturdy design and handling.

RealMe5i 6

Realme 5i Body

Its box comes with the traditional yellow color with simplistic design and less clutter in the exterior. Upon opening it, you will immediately see the warm welcome which is in line with their commitment to have a friendly community for its users, in fact they have an active Facebook group that constantly helps each Realme user when they have some questions or issues in their unit and showcase their unit as well like sharing photos, videos and events.

RealMe5i 8

RealMe 5i Specs in Dark Mode Settings

A slight surprise is that the unit is color green (Forest Green to be exact) which is not a common color for a smartphone, it’s usually black, blue or white.  It has a matte back which prevents accidental slip and immediately you will see the Quad Camera (to be discussed below) and finger print sensor. It is not the lightest phone due to its powerful battery capacity 5000mah.

At the side right is the power button and the left side is where the volume up and down and dual sim/sd card slot is located. One thing what I like about the the Realme 5i is that its dual sim card and sd card (supports up to 256GB) slot is totally separated meaning it has a total of 3 slots. You just have to be careful when removing and inserting the sim/sd card tray since its a little fragile.

RealMe5i 3

Dual SIM and SD card slots

Camera and Display

This is where the Realme 5i stands out, it is the 1st Quad-Camera Smartphone in its price segment with EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) you can say that you are getting a flagship camera in a budget to mid range phone. I haven’t fully utilized the camera yet but it packs a Quad Camera (4) with (1) 12MP wide angle lens perfect for landscape shots, (2) 8 MP ultra wide angle lens, (3) Macro Lens, and (4) portrait lens which will take your photography shots into a new level. It also has a 8MP front camera with AI beautification that makes you look better than in person 😀

RealMe5i 7

The video is impressive as well capable of shooting 4k videos with ease and it has a time lapse option which is I liked to use. For Slow-mo videos it can reach up to 240fps which is amazing for a video for its segment.

The display is a 6.5 inch which is has a 720×1600 which is already perfect for playing hi resolution online games and never miss an action. It equips ColorOS as its operating system where one of my favorite feature is the “Dark Mode” where it not only changes the settings color but also its apps as well like (Facebook, Instagram and more). You also need not to worry about accidental drops since it is equip with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and the Realme 5i has a FREE screen protector included in the box.

RealMe5i 4

Battery and Processor

With its big battery capacity of 5000mah, you can use your phone at least one day without charging it. This is very important if you are on the go and you don’t want to bring a powerbanl and power cable. You can also use it as a powerbank as well with its reverse charging capability.

RealMe5i 5

It is the phone that has a FIRST Snapdragon 665 Processor in its price segment meaning it can play high processing games smoothly like PUBG and mobile legends and other online games.

realme 5i cover 1


The Realme 5i is a solid budget phone with mid-range or even flagship features. This is perfect for working professionals and students who just need a reliable phone that can do and run the apps as well as play online games and do social media network stuff. More review about Realme 5i will come out soon in this blog so stay follow and stay tuned.

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