Realme X2 Pro Master Edition Bags German Red Dot Design Award

KV realme X2 Pro Red Brick
KV realme X2 Pro Red Brick

Realme X2 Pro, the flagship device of the world’s fastest-growing smartphone brand realme, wins its first Red Dot Award: Product Design 2020.


The Red Dot Design Award, founded by the German Design Council, is an internationally acknowledged global industrial design award. With its presence spanning six decades, the Red Dot Design Award is regarded today as one of the largest, most-influential competitions in the design industry. Its stringent qualification process allows only stellar, high-quality design to participate in the competition, more so win an award.

Realme X2 Pro Master Edition Bags German Red Dot Design Award

The masterpiece with leading craftsmanship inspired by the beauty of life

realme X2 Pro Master Edition, which is a product of the collaboration of realme and the world-renowned industrial design master Naoto Fukasawa, brings extreme aesthetic delight.


realme and Fukasawa were determined to imbibe the beauty of life and the simplicity of its elements in the design of the realme X2 Pro Master Edition, which came in two variants: Red Brick and Concrete. The final device aesthetic, inspired from textures of common building materials, is lauded by consumer and critics alike for its trendsetting design and exquisite craftsmanship.


The award-winning design of realme X2 Pro Master Edition has gone through a rigorous process. In order to achieve the high standards for processing, realme created its custom RP paint and combined it with industry-leading lacquered glass coating technology. After 32 stages of sanding and testing, the build of the device achieved a frosted-touch feeling that brings softness to glass. The device has also undergone the laser technology PicoSure to engrave a fretwork logo on frosted glass and a replica of Naoto Fukasawa’s signature with 100% fidelity—where the finest stroke is just 0.09 mm wide. Thus, the most intricate details are displayed in the most brilliant signature.

Realme X2 Pro Master Edition Bags German Red Dot Design Awardd Brick

realme Master Edition, the significant mark of smartphone design field

The realme Master Edition, a collaboration between realme and Naoto Fukasawa, has integrated the master’s “Unconscious Design” with realme’s “Real Design”, focusing on the concept of imbibing the beauty of life, removal of redundancies, and prioritizing functionality and simplicity.


From the realme X Master Edition Onion and Garlic, inspired by textures of onions and garlics peels; and realme X2 Pro Master Edition Red Brick and Concrete; to the realme X50 5G Master Edition Dot and Line, inspired by dots and lines in modern city life, the realme Master edition has shown the beauty in life’s minutia, which people often overlook. The rave from fans and critics for the contemporary design of the master edition has led to multiple awards, including the International CMF Design Supreme Gold Award, which was bagged by the realme X Master Edition.

Realme X2 Pro Master Edition Bags German Red Dot Design Award

The pursuit of trendsetting design

In 2020, realme is determined to be a trendsetter, not just in disruptive technology, but also in modern device design. The brand aims to establish the culture of fashionable aesthetic in the technology industry.


realme has started to work on its goal with the launch of its “realme Trendsetters” campaign, where trendsetting designers and artists are invited to collaborate on device designs. Additionally, realme has established an internal trendsetting design studio, realme Studio, which shall spearhead the engagement of the brand with top design masters in the industry to bring fashionable and powerful smartphones and AIoT products to consumers – creating a Smart Trendsetter Life for the young by integrating the latest 5G, AI, imaging technology, and the realme UI for a seamless experience.


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