Applecare water damage protection and Solution: How to check

Apple’s billions of products over the world wide, Apple made country based protection rules for own all devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, MacBook, iMac, MacMini, Apple Watch). Here I recommended which protection plan you need for your device or how to check your device damaged that’s not included in Applecare water damage protection.
Apple’s declaration on water or liquid damage is that “Liquid damage iPhone or iPod isn’t covered by warranty”. With iOS 9 release, Apple also announced new protection plan called apple care plus.
Applecare water damage protection and Solution: How to check
Applecare water damage protection on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Apple care plus gives additional warranty on device and accessories comes with it after 1 year. This plan extends Expert telephone technical customer support service and warranty time period up to 2 years more, added to 1 year new device’s protection.
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How to check iPhone, iPod Water damaged or not?

Folks, who don’t know what reason behind why iPhone is not starting or showing apple icon on screen, Check below steps and verify your device really damaged with water or other liquid containing water.
Most of the iPhone and iPod models are equipped with LCIs (Liquid Contact Indicators). This indicators color change is mark of device damaged with water or not? This indicator’s color normally silver or White, but damaged device’s indicator colored red. See below image. More theory is here

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