How to unbrick any android phone by recovery method (Softbrick ) stuck in logo problem

If android is stuck in your mobile name logo regularly then your device may be bricked. Android phone usally get bricked because many problems one of popular problem is software errors.


If you are using a android phone ,you may face some types of problems in phone while updating or rooting android phone.

When device software cause an error in system it generally get stuck in logo. like if the phone is bricked your phone always stuck or stop when you switch on phone,
you can not switch on device anymore.

Many users face these types of problem in mobile phone and they don’t know how to fix these types of android problem and think that the device is no more useful.

Their are two types of brick issue generated in androud device first is softbrick and other is hardbrick.

You can fix softbrick in android easily but not hardbrick problem.
Softbrick is caused by software problems and errors in system.
and hardbrick is caused by hardware failures and errors.

How to know Softbrick and hardbrick in android

Softbrick – If smartphone is  softbricked than phone would not turn on and stuck in boot loop mode ,when you turn it on it will freeze in logo ,if this type of problem you are facing than you are lucky it can be recover and solve easily with some work and can be done without computer.

Hardbrick – so it is not as same software beciause it is happens because of hardware problems like motherboard failure etc or any type of hardware problem
It can not be fix easily ,it is very difficult to recover hardbricked device because of some serious damages
In hardbrick state the phone – no bootloop ,no logo ,no phone functioning and it is dead

How to unbrick & Revive Softbrick android

If your device is softbricked than it can be revive and fix easily by using below method

Recovery Mode method

Android is freezed in while turn on ,just put out your phone battery and again put it

Now simply press and hold switch on button and volume up + down

You can choose any combination power button + volume up or volume down

It will open Recovery mode in android
In recovery mode you will see some option like

Wipe cache partition
Wipe and delete user data
Wipe system
Install system update from sd card
Advance > wipe dalvik cache

Main Softbrick problem is some software errors ,so first try this method

Try to wipe cache partition and wipe system data in recovery mode
It takes few second

Now goto Reboot and reboot sytem

It will turn on if the problem is in caches or system data of software

If it your phone still turNing on try this method that works perfectly

First know your android phone model

Than download new Rom (software) from internet
Search for your android company model with rom download

Download any rom that is made for your device or simply the official system rom

Note – Don’t download any other model and company software rom ,if you flash other uncompatable rom, you may hardbrick your android by flasing uncompatable rom

After downloading software update or rom
Place the zip file in external sd card
And put sd card in phone

Now open recovery mode by pressing power + volume up or down button

Now first wipe all user data
Than wipe davik cache
And wipe cache partition

Now goto Install updates from sd card option

Choose the zip rom from sd card and start fladhing rom in android device

After successfully flashing rom ,reboot your system now and your device again work perfectly

Done you can now use your dead phone as before you use it by doing these methods all apps and phone stotage will be wiped
So try these methods tp unbrick android without using computer and anything else

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