iPhone X Cancelled! What’s Next for Apple?

iPhone X Cancelled! What’s Next for Apple?
iPhone X Cancelled! What’s Next for Apple?
News from Apple Loop talks about the latest flagship, iPhone X, and its cancellation. Manufacturing of the new screens for the next iPhone X has also begun. This week’s Loop, which gives updates on what’s happening inside Apple, also talks about the cost of the new iPhone models and other things.

iPhone X Gets Dropped

Although most iPhones remain for years before getting withdrawn from Apple’s portfolio, the iPhone X will not stay any longer. This flagship phone from Apple will be dropped from iPhone’s line up this September. But don’t worry, we’ll be expecting to see its replacement – the 5.8-inch iPhone “X2”.
The iPhone X2, which has the same core design as the recent iPhone X model, is set to be released this year at $799. It has a bigger screen, with 6.1-inch diagonal size

New iPhone X Generation on the Horizon

This second generation of iPhone X has its price slashed, while another top-model will be released with the $999 price tag. This may be the reason why the current iPhone X model will be dropped.
OLED screens for this generation iPhone X will be starting manufacturing in May. These OLED screens will once again be provided by Samsung. The South Korean conglomerate has been producing OLED screens for the previous Apple phone, iPhone X. Although, it has halted production due to low iPhone sales than expected. View more on how well iPhone X was performing on Q1 2018.
However, restarting the OLED screen production signifies Apple making sure to make waiting time for consumers of the newer iPhone X models shorter. They plan to stock ahead of a good supply of OLED screens before the launch of these products.
Consequently, the prices of the new iPhone X are as follows: iPhone SE at $799, Second generation iPhone X at $899, and the new higher-end model of iPhone X Plus at $999.

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