Play Youtube Video in Background from iPhone, iPad app

YouTube released new YouTube subscription features for YouTube fans who actually what they want. Known YouTube red, At the initial stage YouTube red available for selected countries and YouTubers who activated. So you could activate on a monthly plan at any time for US users. Redtube features are Offline YouTube video, Ad free video and Play YouTube video in the background. in just $9.99 a month, you can enjoy stunning YouTube service across your all device. Through Web or App in iOS or Android, turn on/Enable RedTube by simple login on multi-platform.
Without YouTube Red: Play YouTube Video in Background on iPhone.
Play Youtube Video in Background from iPhone, iPad app
Play YouTube video in Background on iOS 9 and iOS 8 – iPhone, iPad
What, when you are outside United State?
if you leave US, then this features will be stopped automatically. So you shouldn’t watch or play any saved youtube video from the device. After spent cool time outside the United States, whenever you will be back you can experience YouTube red.
Along with youtube video streaming, you are also eligible for play games on Google’s new Gaming app and YouTube music.
After YouTube red activation, Background play feature turned on by default, in that case, you couldn’t make changes. For making changes in background YouTube video, you can do only from your headset or sound system.

Steps for Activation YouTube red and Enable Play youtube video in background on iPhone

Go to Red, Payout $9.99 a month subscription by register yourself. On different device try same Login ID for get amazing service as pro YouTubers.
Note: are you planning to enjoy YouTube Red on the different device at home or office? know which device support YouTube Red? Apple TV, Chromecast, Android TV, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, XBox 360, XBox one, Roku, Roku TV, YouTube iOS app on iPhone, iPad – Since last update YouTube app in App Store.


The alternate method of Play youtube video in the background on iPhone, iPad – Open YouTube on iDevice browser and Play YouTube video within the browser. Quite useful for without subscription YouTube red play YouTube video in Background or on the locked screen.

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