Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Official Release

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Official Release
There have been rumors that Galaxy Note 9 may come out sooner than expected. Hopes of Note 9 coming out on the third quarter of 2018 raises hope for the Galaxy Note users.
Many awaits for leaks on the features that Galaxy Note 9 could have. In view of past trends, it is to be expected that this new flagship phone will carry all the latest technologies and more. Especially with the new technologies introduced in Galaxy S9, and their main rival iPhone X. Moreover, the release of Android Oreo which many could expect to be the default operating system on Galaxy Note 9, has set the standards by which the mobile market is now looking for.

Galaxy Note 9 To Go With The Trend

The current trend for Android users is now not only great graphic displays and new built-in apps. Users are now also expecting faster and better performance. The current generation is expecting their devices to be much more powerful. Meaning, possessing a lot of pc capabilities from Microsoft Office applications to smart apps. From what we have seen in the past couple of years, Samsung Galaxy Note phones have been able to rival laptops and netbooks.
Most online platforms have their corresponding Android App these days. From Project Management apps to shared drives, developers are definitely enabling users to turn their mobile phones into a computer away from their computer. Galaxy Note is also renowned for their photo editing and detailed sketches with S Pens. Will there be more pleasant surprises?

What We Expect From Galaxy Note 9

We are definitely expecting a higher memory, the latest chipset and an improved battery performance. We are also expecting a better camera, with at least 12 megapixels both on the front and the back, and enhanced capabilities to give Galaxy Note more power. What new tweaks we could expect, we are all definitely excited to see!

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