Top 10 Google Products and Apps for daily needs

Google the name we hear by almost every mouth ,because everyone knows what is google and their service it is founded in 1998 by larry page and sergey brin

After few year google was founded it became very popular online search engine in the whole world it the first website that rank No. 1 in the whole internet world
Now peoples can find every solution to problems ,news and whole world information


Their are currently many services like google like yahoo or bing but these are not too famous like google ,ever you want to use google in every day life ,so you also wants to use google other services
Yes google not only serve search engine but you can get other amazing Google products to work for you
Lets today talk about some of the top list of google products that you can use now
I am listing below very usefull other google services than daily use gmail or other common services

This list contains some unique and special services and product from google

Google drive

Yes today 70% peoples know about google drive ,it can be use for online data saving services you can upload your images ,videos ,data collection ,documents ,xml or any other file in google
If you have google account you will just refer to google drive and start using it for online data storage ,you can upload any files from your hard drive to google drive with click
If you are using android or IOS you can download google drive app from google play store

Google fiber

Yes it exits most of you don’t know about Google fibre it is used for internet connection ,it is called fiber optic broadband network by google

Currently google fiber is only available in some of the countries like US,E
Uk ,Australia etc
It comes with high speed network that gives you top internet speed to browse web shamelessly
As you know google provides high quality services so also try this
If you want to buy one for you you can search on google about this product

Google docs

Ohh, yeah here it comes google docs the best online document service for all google account holder you can use google docs for online document making and editing, serve document to whole internet or for creating web documents about specific things
Google docs available in also in android and iOS platform as app

Google chromecast

Google chromecast ohh you will i heard it once bit don’t know much about it
Yeah if you are fucking online monster you may know all about this product but for other its sometimes new

If you have LED or any smart tv in your home you can do more with your TV ,by google chrome cast your tv is not a TV its something special
By using chromecast you connect to internet in your tv and use as wifi ,connect your phone to TV ,do Screen cast of any mobile phone with tv etc

It is now available worldwide you can buy it from amazon or any other local store it mostly available online to but its a low cost product that adds various functions in your JUST A TV

You can even watch youtube videos and play your games in your TV by just chromecast it comes HDMI cable that connect every smartphone with that

Google URL shortener

Google have this services since decade you can use this feature to short any long url to short url
Means if you have long url that does not fits you now by using google shortener service you can easy short it and share it to friends

Google books

Fan of reading books online yes if you want some more exciting things online you can check this product for reading and getting knowledge online it is the best easy services for very helpful purpose

User can read thousands of books online and also shop premium books online ,some books are free and some available for shopping
Try this product also you definitely like it

Google Duo

Google launched this product on 2017 and it is the most newly launched service for all google users ,currently it only available only in application for android ,desktop and IOS platform ,it comes with quality video calling app for all you can HD call to anyone in the whole world ,connecting peoples
It is best rated video calling app by google

To download app ,goto google play store and download the google duo app from their its free and always

Google translate

The most recommend and useful product for all internet user ,
Let talk about this ,if you chatting or talking to someone outside country and it speaks french how you know about it ,but google translator gives you service to translate any top languages to English or any any other special language

Google daydream view

Probably you dont know about this product but it the best headset VR product by google ,if you are looking for braned headset vr products than you can try this product from google too

It have smart glasses that gives superior video quality ,you can play games and watch your favourite movies and videos by using this
Not all smartphone supports Google daydream you have to check your before buying ,it is mainly come for google pixel phones and top branded phones

Google trends

Google trends can be used to know about world top trending things ,you can get here most searched and information knowledge based keywords ,peoples with countries and you cam so know what’s the best news popular in your country just Goto specific country see what’s trending in your country

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