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Ashima a Bengali word for “limitless,” is the latest innovation from Cebu-based developer Konsum Technologies Inc. Brought by the company’s challenge to find a suitable payroll system, it developed its own around two and a half years ago with a team of thirty people.

Ashima Payroll System

Ashima is a payroll system that integrates human resource (HR) processes from employee onboarding to payroll management, that is government compliant, in a user-friendly platform for everyone in the company. The application is relevant from startups to corporations as it is flexible to suit the needs of the company.

With Ashima, employees can record their attendance, view work schedule, request for leaves and overtime, and view payslip using their mobile phones. On the HR department’s side, consolidating employee data is easier as Ashima captures information real time and goes to a cloud storage.

The philosophy behind Ashima is the democratization of HR. Our aim is to push responsibility and authority to the edges, where it belongs. Opposed to centralized and silo-based HR systems, Ashima makes it more collaborative and responsibility is shared,” Konsum Technologies CEO Joe Mercado said.

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