GoCube Smart Rubiks Cube that supports Android and iOS devices

GoCube App-Enabled Smart Rubik's Cube
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Using app-enabled design GoCube smart Rubik’s cube not only lets you enjoy the classic puzzle, but also helps you improve your play. Curious? Let’s keep checking.GoCube App-Enabled Smart Rubik's Cube

The GoCube is an advanced and fun-packed smart Rubiks cube that works Android and iOS devices. As shown in the images, the Rubik’s cube delivers smooth, rounded edges that bring every player a comfortable grip. Meanwhile, built-in LED lighting adds some charming visual effects to the puzzle cube.

With Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, the smart Rubik’s cube wirelessly connects with your smartphone or tablet, and built-in sensors track and measure activity, while an inertial measurement unit (IMU) tracks the cube’s orientation, so its companion app will let you check your progress and help you improve your times and moves based on your gameplay.GoCube App-Enabled Smart Rubik's Cube

Furthermore, you can also compete with other players, and the smart puzzle cube also serves as a controller to play mini games, missions and 3rd party games. Moreover, built-in rechargeable battery offers over 60 hours of playtime between charges. An included charging dock not only charges the Rubik’s cube, but also decently shows it to your friends.

GoCube smart Rubik’s cube is priced at $99.95 USD. If you’re interested, jump to the product page for its more details.


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