BonkLive A Streaming Platform For Earning Money And 3D Gifts

BonkLive is an app which lets you broadcast yourself for thousands of people to see and, make money out of it. It is a social network where you can connect with other broadcasters and gain followers. You can become an influencer and interact with your fans in live streams.
BonkLive A Streaming Platform For Earning Money And 3D Gifts


Live streaming was adopted by many social media platforms like Facebook Live and Twitter Periscope. Here, people can come live and let their followers comment and react to their streams live. BonkLive is based on a similar idea. People come live to share experiences, pass time, share information etc.
The unique element that Bonk offers that is not offered by other social media streaming platforms is that it has a revenue system that allows users to earn money and 3D gifts while live streaming to their fans.
While platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Periscope place ads in their live streams too, BonkLive shares the revenue with the live streamers.
The BonkLive app is available on the Google Play Store for Android users and on the Apple app store for iOS users too. The app has a 4.3 rating and 5000 installs so far.

The "Social Aspect" offered by BonkLive

The “Social Aspect” offered by BonkLive

BonkLive presents itself as a Social Live Streaming Platform which claim is backed by its unique social features which allow the followers to interact with the broadcaster.
1. Messaging
The app doesn’t only allows live video streaming but has a live messaging feature which allows the broadcasters to interact with their followers and fans. This allows for a two-way interaction between the broadcaster and the viewers which makes the experience more social and fun.
2. Sharing
The viewers can share a live stream with their friends during the stream. It’s not only limited to the viewers as the broadcaster gets an option to share the live stream to other social networks before starting the stream.
3. Gifts
The viewers can send Virtual Gifts to the broadcasters as a token of appreciation during the live streams. These gifts act as a motivation for the broadcasters and give the viewers an opportunity to get noticed by the streamer. The viewers can purchase these gifts through in-app purchases on iOS and Android. These gifts in-turn can be exchanged by the broadcaster for real money.
4. Social Advertising
The platform allows the broadcasters to earn money through multiple income streams: first being the virtual gifts and second is social advertising. This is an additional feature where bonk users can play a sponsored ad during the live stream to take a break or can read a sponsored jingle or advertisements.
5. Levels
To further improve the gamification aspect of the app, BonkLive has multiple levels which are assigned to each user and they can climb up the levels by doing tasks in the app like watching other’s broadcasts, starting live streams and sending gifts. The levels have funny names which start from Bonkaroo which is the intern level going all up to Bonkertronz which is the specialist level.

Earning on BonkLive

Earning on BonkLive:

BonkLive broadcasters can earn money by playing an advertisement or giving a shout out. These type of advertisements get available once they reach level 60 and there is a minimum of 500 people viewing the broadcast. This is an innovative advertisement model applied by the developers.
These type of ads are called VIP ads and are divided into 2 categories:-
1. BAR / Bonk Advertising Read: This type of ad allows the VIP broadcaster to read 30 to 50 words live on air to the viewers. This is an engaging way of advertisement where the viewers don’t feel like they’re watching YouTube.
2. BOA/ Bonk On Air: This type of ad allows the VIP broadcaster to show a 1-3 minute live broadcast commercial while streaming. This time can be utilized to take a break and to not lose the audience while doing so.
By playing these commercials, Bonk broadcasters can earn “Diamonds” which can be converted into real cash. Each diamond is valued at 50 USD and can be withdrawn through multiple payment gateways.
Whenever you play a commercial, you will get 3 diamonds which amounts to 150 USD. Whenever you read an advertisement you will get 1 diamond which amounts to 50 USD.
You can also exchange these diamonds to their virtual currency called “Coins” which are used to buy virtual gifts and to buy their memberships. For each diamond, you can get 4500 coins!
These were Bonk’s VIP ads, these are available to the top tier users only. The new users need not worry as they have you covered too.
New users can earn through sponsored logo placements in the stream where the people can show their appreciation by clicking the sponsored ads mid-stream. By clicking on the logo, the user can watch the sponsor’s special offers, promotions, events, etc.
Another way for Bonk users to earn is by receiving virtual gifts from the viewers. The viewers buy gifts through the app’s virtual currency called coins. These are the ways by which you can earn money through BonkLive.


BonkLive is an app which is ready to take over the live streaming market by the end of the year. The developers have big plans for it and are pushing forward towards the success of the app. The app is backed by top of the line developers who are well known in the industry for their skills. BonkLive has a top-notch API which makes it better than other live streaming apps in the market. They are the first ones to introduce interactive 3D virtual gifts which enhance the user experience. Live Streaming is the future of social media and BonkLive is ready to lead the market

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