iPhone X Receives the Best Overall Innovation Award from Tom’s Guide


Tom’s Guide website released Tom’s Guide 2017 Innovation Award Winners. There various devices get the award as the best innovation in different categories, ranging from TV, Tablet, CPU, games, and so forth. iPhone X was crowned as the category for “Best Overall” aka the best innovation award overall. Of course this is not separated from the various features that are in it.


Some of the features that make the iPhone X excellence include the Super Retina Display OLED display, Face ID face recognition technology for authentication purposes, up to A11 Bionic processor chips with advanced features and fast performance.

Tom’s Guide party did not interview the interviewee of one of Apple’s top officials, namely Greg Joshwiak about the iPhone X technology. The Vice President of Product Marketing is directly discussed the problem of OLED screen on iPhone X.

Joshwiak said that OLED screen has a weakness in terms of contrast and color. With Apple’s proprietary technology, OLED screens on the iPhone X are made in such a way that they have better quality than most OLED screens.

Then there is the Face ID technology in iPhone X which is the best innovation. Although several times reported can be broken, but still not easy to do. Create artificial 3D mask to break Face ID need special materials, special skill in the manufacture, and the cost of manufacture that is not cheap.

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