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The world of technology is now anticipating the next Android version that will likely be introduced through the Google I / O 2018 event. The developer conference will run from May 8 to May 10 at Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, California. A recent news that appears in the online media reveals a number of important features that will be embedded in Android P.


As reported by Bloomberg, Android P will also support a flexible display design and folders that can be folded display. This is in contrast to the next iOS version that is more focused on the performance and stability of the device rather than carrying many new features. By bringing more new features, Google hopes to lure iPhone users into switching to Android devices.

A massive overhaul on the Android platform is also being set up that will allow camera sensors and other sensors to be placed on devices with flexible screen designs or folding screens. It is said that Android 9.0 will later support the smartphone with notch at the top of the screen as can users see on the iPhone X.

In addition to the iPhone X-like notch, Android’s update this year will expand Google Assistant integration. Google also plans to allow software developers to integrate Google’s voice-based technology into the applications they create.

Google is said to also integrate search bar on the Android P home screen with its personal assistant feature. Even so the integration is still not completed. Updates from the side of the views that follow are done that will serve a fresh impression on the eyes. Speculation is circulating also mention the possibility of the release of Material Design 2. The new design language is also expected to make the device interface look simpler.

A number of previous rumors also confirmed that Android P will also be equipped with a call recording feature. The mobile operator will also be able to hide the signal strength received by the device. This latter feature is actually quite surprising considering its existence which can actually confuse users.

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