Renault-Nissan And Mercedes Benz Introduces New Turbo 1.300cc Engine


The more here, the more automotive manufacturers realize that they can not survive on their own, at least so. So that alliances, joint ventures, and cooperation in any field are now mushrooming among global automotive brands. And now a product of the cooperation of global automotive brands is again present, which is a Turbo engine initiated by the alliance Renault-Nissan and Mercedes Benz.
Renault-Nissan and Mercedes-Benz successfully applied Bore Spray Coating technology on the cylinder in this machine. The technology is taken directly from Nissan GT-R which is famous for toned. With such technology, the efficiency of the Energy TCe Series engine can increase, because friction inside the engine can be reduced, while the engine heat transfer can be optimized. In addition, other effects are the pressure from direct fuel injection has increased, and fuel / air mix can also increase thanks to the specific design of its combustion chamber. Renault itself claims that the Energy TCe engine is not only provide abundant torque at low engine speed, but also can keep the torque remains linear in high rotation.

The Energy TCe machine itself is one of the most exciting assets for the Renault-Nissan alliance. The question is, will Mercedes-Benz will later use this machine? Interesting to see the development later. What if you think?


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