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Do you know the amount of information that your IP address can give away? It is not difficult to find your computer’s IP address. Even someone with basic computer skills can find it out. And when in the hands of hackers, these few digits can prove to be devastating. This is why there is a growing demand for software programs that can hide IP addresses. Hide All IP claims to be the best IP address hiding software. This review explores where it stands on that claim.
The software will automatically find the best-possible server to play your favorite game. It will get the fake IP servers to find the fastest server for connecting to the game server.

Bypass HTML5 GeoLocation:

Many sites now use a unique system based on HTML5 GeoLocation to find locations of users. WIFI/GPS is used by browsers to keep track of their users. Hide All IP has just the right technologies in place to block out all these location-tracking systems.

With Hide All IP, you can simply block out browsers because all they will be seeing is your fake IP address.


Hide All IP makes your online experience not just safe, but it gives you total freedom when browsing online or using online applications or games. Many states, Countries, and ISPs block different websites and online services. Many of these are entertainment services and there is no logical reason for banning them. With this powerful software, you can access all sites and services without ever giving away your identity.

It’s easy to use – requires nothing more than just clicking on the ‘connect’ button. You don’t have to go through any complex process as is the case with other VPNs. Hide All IP also has a portable version. You can use it on any device – wherever you want to connect from. Downloading and setting up Hide All IP is also quite simple and requires just a click.

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