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Browsing is one activity exploring the internet world most often done by smartphone users in general. To make browsing my friend need a name android browser application is light and fast to stay smooth for surfing using mobile phone.

Although android has been equipped with innate browser applications, but the application is very heavy and slow when created to explore the virtual world. Especially for my friend of low-end android phone users with minimal RAM, would be very annoying if it happens to you.

Installing the best android browsing app is the perfect solution to solve the above natural problems. Well for that, on this occasion we will review some of these applications, which may later be a recommendation for all buddies.

 Best and lightest Android Browser Apps

List of android browsing apps that we will review the following is the lightest and fastest application, not only suitable for internetan only but also very suitable to download. Let’s go directly to his review below:

1. Naked Browser

Naked browser is the lightest android browser application among others. Has a very small size but very fast if you use for browsing. It looks very simple so it will facilitate my friend in using this application.

Available free and paid version in the application, so please adjust only with the needs, because both versions are also not much different.

2. Via Browser – Fast & Light – Geek Best Choice

 Occupying the first position with a light browser keyword in the Google Play Store this app deserves it. Because the best android browser application of this one is very fast and light, especially for android phones that have low spek.

Available language translate feature that will facilitate my friend when opening web pages that use foreign languages, and besides that interesting my friend can also take advantage of ad block feature to block malicious ads that can interfere with your comfort.

3. Fastest Mini Browser

The next best android browser app is the Fastest Mini Browser. This application is very light and fast, because it has a very small file size that is not more than 1 Mb. So you do not need to worry, because this application will not take up much memory space.

In addition it is also very safe for RAM hp pal a minimal. There is offline reading feature that you can use to open the website page even without internet connection.

4. Firefox Focus

 For PC users may be very familiar if you hear the name of this one browser. Firefox Focus is the best android browser application that has private browsing feature automatically when the first buddy run it.

Firefox Focus is the fastest browser application for android phone that you must try. Enjoy the convenience of exploring the internet without leaving a trail, so your information will remain safe from people who want to make a bad intention to you.

5. UC Browser Mini

 Ok buddy, the best android browser app that last is UC Browser Mini. This application is already very popular among smartphone users because the browser is very rember and fast both in the affairs of browsing and download.

UC Browser Mini has a feature to compress data, so the internet quota you will not run out quickly. There is also an ad block feature that will make the atmosphere of exploring the internet world my friend stay safe from ad trouble.

Choosing the best browser application for android smartphone is a very important thing, because my friend also needs to compensate for the specification of hp that you have. If the browser is heavy and slow, Internet activity was not cool anymore.

So posting about the 5 Best and Most Lightest Best Android Browser Application of this time. Hopefully the brief review above can provide benefits for you all who are looking for the best browser application for android phone.

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