Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro Makes Mr. YouTube Enrique Gil Life’s More Exciting

EON Feature Enrique Gil on work llife balance

With the success of his TV shows and blockbuster movies, Enrique Gil’s life has become busier than ever. After about a decade in show business, the talented actor has learned to get creative with his work-life balance.
EON Feature Enrique Gil on work llife balance


I’m happy with my career and I love what I do. I know that some days can get more tiring than others, so I really make the most out of the breaks I get,” says Enrique. “Whether it’s in between takes or in an extended vacation, I always have something prepared to balance my life out.”

The actor’s “breaks,” however, are far from idle. He likes to incorporate a variety of physical activities in his routine. “I like going to the gym, but I prefer playing basketball more. It’s fun, and it’s good cardio, plus you get to play with friends.”

An all-out performer himself, Enrique also likes to dance even in his spare time. “I fell in love with dancing when I started in showbiz. I really enjoy it, and it’s like my outlet. The energy makes you feel more alive.”

On the digital side of things, Mr. YouTube – as how his onscreen partner, Liza Soberano, calls him – tunes in to his go-to playlists and channels, enjoying a Netflix episode or a short documentary (he cites Stranger Things as one of his favorite shows!). He also likes adrenaline-filled gameplay. “Call of Duty and Resident Evil are my all-time favorite games! I can’t choose between the two, but growing up, I really enjoyed playing the latter.”

With his fast-paced lifestyle, it’s amazing how Enrique still finds the time to add color and variety to his life, even in the shortest of breaks. For his quick escapes, he considers it important to have a phone equipped with a clear display that allows him to watch his favorite films and play video games – a phone like the Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro.

Equipped with a Super AMOLED Display that sports 16M colors, the Galaxy J2 Pro helps Enrique achieve that colorful work-life balance with its crystal-clear display and full, vibrant color “It’s awesome how the Galaxy J2 Pro makes the digital experience more alive, exciting, and immersive. Samsung’s really a game-changer when it comes to smartphone innovations”

The Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro is now available in the Philippines. To know more, you can visit the Samsung Galaxy Studio located at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig or visit our websites, or log on to

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