Why Facebook says “Posts can’t be loaded at this time” 2020

Lots of Andorid, Samsung, Redmi, OnePlus iPhone X, 6s, 7 plus users are facing issue while using facebook that Facebook posts won’t load on iPhone and in the post section of Facebook “posts can’t be loaded at this time”. The issue happened without any iOS upgrade or Facebook update. When you will open up the Facebook app, the app opens up normally but won’t load any posts. In the post section the Facebook app shows error message “Posts can’t be loaded at this time”.

iPhone facebook post can’t be loaded at this time issue

The issue seems to be with iPhone, iPad or iOS 12 devices only and not with the android version of the app. The issue is very strange as only post won’t load of the facebook wall, however the search and story works normally in the facebook app.  Facebook newfeeds not loading at this time is issue widespread and many new iPhone on latest iOS 14 are affected with this.

How to fix “Facebook posts cannot be loaded at this time” on iPhone 11/XS Max/XR, 8,7,6s plus on iOS 12 (2019) :

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Fix 1 : Network issue

It’s usually an internet connection issue which may interrupt facebook from loading posts. The general fix these issue is to Reset Network Settings. Go to General>Reset>Network, and reset your iPhone network settings. Further you can also reboot your iPhone  WIFImodem/router.

Fix 2 : Try deleting the app.

Other way to fix the issue is to reinstall the app. First delete the app (with data)> Reset network settings> Reinstall the app from  Appstore and now the app should work normal.

Fix 3: Log out and log in back

Other solution to fix the facebook  posts not loading is to log out and log back in to the Facebook app. This seens to fix the issue for many iPhone users but seems that it resolves the problem temporarily.

Fix 4: Check Update for Facebook App

There are chances that you are running an older version of Facebook app which is causing such issue. To fix that you should always check for pending updates in Appstore.
  1. Open  App Store in iPhone.
  2. Now Scroll to and tap the Updates icon at the bottom of the App Store main screen. Now you should see a list of apps with pending updates will then populate.
  3. Check for  Facebook then tap the Update button next to it to install app update.
  4. Please note, if multiple pending app updates are available, tap on the Update All button to update all apps simultaneously.

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