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Samsung Samsung Galaxy A12 Review | A Mid-range Powerhouse


There is a reason why Samsung is one of the top smartphone brands globally for many years even with the emergence of different new phone brands. They make exceptionally high quality phones that is used by many professional and working class users and not just for leisure or gaming purposes.

Samsung Samsung Galaxy A12 Review

Every smartphone they released is of high quality and proven for the longest time, this time they release one of their latest set of Galaxy A Series smartphones. One of those is the Galaxy A12, which I have here and tested for this review, I highlighted the features here to share with you guys what I discovered about the new Samsung Galaxy A12.

Samsung Samsung Galaxy A12 Review

Battery and Usage

With powerful 5000mAH battery capacity, I can use the phone for long periods of time. Upon checking and testing how long the phone stays on after doing hours of heavy gaming like PUBG, Genshin Impact , Mobile legends and Call of Duty and browsing social media networks, it can last a day or more without charging and that is quite impressive for me. The battery optimization is also great that the phone does not lag when using multiple Apps at the same time.

Aside from its large battery capacity, it also has 15W Adaptive fast charging function that can fully charge the phone for less than 45 minutes, this is also possible since the Galaxy A12 uses USB C cable for charging, it’s an essential for those who are always on the go and has less access to chargers or even those who don’t want to bring those bulky power banks and cables.

Samsung Samsung Galaxy A12 Review


What amazes me about Samsung Galaxy A12 is that the unit itself is sleek and light, the first thing I noticed at the Galaxy A12 hardware back has  rugged anti slip pattern design that gives you that solid grip to prevent the phone from accidentally falling Ang gives that additional finesse.

It has a side Fingerprint function located at the power button which is both convenient and responsive to use.


It supports dual-sim and has a dedicated micro SD card slot for more storage, which yes u might not need since the Galaxy A12 has a 128GB variant which is enough for heavy camera and apps install usage.

Samsung Samsung Galaxy A12 Review


Samsung smartphone cameras as already proven to be superior in the Android phone realm. This holds true in the Galaxy A12, taking photos w/ natural light captures clear images w/ less nois,e and finer details. To really test it’s camera, I used it in a limited light area in a store and still was able to capture clear images w/ less effort and filters.

Samsung Samsung Galaxy A12 Review

Apps & Gaming

With its Octa core processor and 6GB RAM, I see no problems running heavy graphic games like Genshin Impact, Call of duty and Mobile Legends. It’s smooth and the Galaxy A12 does not generate that much heat. Controls and touchscreen are responsive that you can play competitively online.


Samsung Samsung Galaxy A12 Review





As a mid-range phone, Samsung Galaxy A12 features near premium features that makes it worth it. A solid all around smartphone in both hardware, camera and games which again what makes Samsung a global leader manufacturer of smartphones worldwide

– Clear camera photos
– Durable and premium hardware finish
– Runs all apps and high graphic games

– A bit pricier than other brands w/ similar specs (China brand phones)

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