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Welcome to my personal Tech Blog.

My name is Jervie and I am a blogger from Cebu. If you are looking for information about tech related stuffs and latest tech news about apps and gadgets then you have come to the right place. This is  where I post my personal preference about technology,gadgets and their latest updates.

This blog APPSGADGET is more than 10 years old and started out as a passion for technology and games which started out when I was a kid. Having a Super Nintendo (Family computer) in my younger days fueled my passion not only for video games but technology in general and as time passed by. I studied and graduated in Information Technology then got to change to start blogging, after that I decided to create a dedicated tech blog/website where I can put technology related stuff and the rest is history.

I also got the chance to try the latest gadgets, smartphones, applications etc and also meetup great people in the process, it is great to know that technology is evolving very fast and it helps making our life easier as well as convenient where we can just chat, update, post and express ourselves through technology and create a community of technology enthusiast.

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