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Samsung Galaxy A22 5G Review Specs, Price & Availability


Smartphones are becoming more of a de facto in our daily lives, finding the right phone just will take more than having some celebrity holding the phone right in front of your phone screen and just recommend. You need a reliable one that will last for a long time and most of all, it’s future proof with all the smartphone updates that happens in just less that a year.

Samsung Galaxy A22 5G Review


Now this smartphone from Samsung, the Galaxy A22 5G is the one you’ve been looking for, what I noticed when I first turn it on is its Super AMOLED screen that brings out the color of the images, helping creators easily identify what they need, it’s much brighter than other screen display by most phones. You can clear see the difference when you use it either in playing mobile games or watching your favorite movie and TV shows.

With the 90Hz refresh rate, heavy graphic games and applications are handled very smoothly without any lags and slow transitions. This is also perfect when you are capturing and recording videos to post directly in your social media accounts without much heavy editing due to it’s great video quality that has 1080p@30fps support using it’s camera

Samsung Galaxy A22 5G Review


The device has a 6.5 is made up of durable back plastic cover with choices of 4 different colors, I have the violet one, which reminded me of one of their endorsers the popular Boy Band BTS, also started calling it the BTS Phone 🙂

Samsung Galaxy A22 5G Review

The Galaxy A22 5G supports dual-sim with extra micro-SD card slot and it has a rugged back cover which improves the grip and avoid slippage.

Samsung camera’s has been the top of the crop and is even comparable or even better than iPhone cameras, Samsung for me is the only android smartphone can match the iOS camera capability, The Samsung Galaxy A22 5G has a whooping 48MP Main lens with Optical Image Stabilization that makes images four times brighter even in low-light conditions. Not mention the selfie camera with 13 MP, f/2.2, (wide) that’s why it is very popular in pop culture places Korea and most celebrities uses it.

Samsung Galaxy A22 5G Review

Unboxing Video

Samsung Galaxy A22 5G Review


Samsung A22 5G is a really decent phone, though it it belongs in the mid-range category, you can feel that you are using a premium flagship smartphone with its AMOLED screen, 90Hz refresh, 5000mAH battery with fast charging, 48MP camera and future proof 5G ultra fast connection and you got yourself a complete package smartphone that would last for a very long time without upgrading it anytime soon.

Samsung Galaxy A22 5G Review

The Galaxy A22 5G variant for faster connectivity is priced at PHP 13,990 SRP.  Available in their Official Shopee Store https://shp.ee/viy25ep

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