Conquering Ragnarok Origin War of Emperium for Filipino Warriors and Gamers

Embark on an epic journey of guild warfare as Ragnarok Origin introduces the thrilling War of Emperium. These intense battles immerse Pinoy players in a fierce competition for control over the castles near Prontera and Geffen.

Defend and conquer castles in War of Emperium

War of Emperium is a weekly event where guilds vie for dominance over key castles. Each castle has a crystal, which must be defended from attacks by rival guilds. When an attacking guild successfully destroys the crystal, they become the new owners of the castle. Ownership of a castle grants special privileges, including access to the guild dungeon.

War of Emperium  Requirements:

  • Minimum Level Requirement: Level 60
  • Mode: Single-player or party
  • Time: Sundays, from 21:20 to 22:30 (GMT+7)
  • Participation Requirements: Guild Level 3 and ranked top 100 of the leaderboards

War of Emperium Rules:

  • War of Emperium officially begins at 21:30, preceded by a battle preparation stage from 5:00 to 20:00.
  • Guild members with the eligibility to participate can accept and complete battle preparation tasks during this stage.
  • The defending guild must withstand attacks from other guilds in their castles. If their crystal is destroyed, the attacking guild becomes the new owner.
  • At the end of the event, the guild successfully defending the castle retains ownership.
  • Benefits for the guild that occupies a castle include treasure chests in the master chamber and the right to use the guild dungeon.

Before the War:

  • The preparation stage starts at 5:00 AM on the day of the War of Emperium.
  • Guild members who qualify for participation are notified by email and must have been in the guild for at least 72 hours.
  • From 21:20 to 22:30, portals to each castle open exclusively to guild members who own the respective castle.
  • Members of a defending guild can only access their own castle and are restricted from entering other castles.
  • At 21:30, the War of Emperium officially commences, and guild members can freely choose which castle to enter.
  • Guild masters and vice masters eligible to participate can set up two commanders specifically for the War of Emperium.
  • Guild masters and associate masters can allocate guild materials to enhance the combat effectiveness of guild members during the War of Emperium.
  • Guilds that do not own a castle can form alliances during the preparation stage, with a maximum of three guilds.
  • Alliance members cannot harm each other within the castle and cannot damage the crystal owned by an alliance guild.
  • Alliances are limited to the War of Emperium and cannot be created during the event.
  • Each castle allows a maximum of 200 alliance members to enter.
  • If an alliance guild captures a castle, other alliance guild members can access the master chamber for the following week.

During the War:

  • A 60-minute countdown marks the official start of the War of Emperium.
  • Attacking players must progress through three scenes of the castle in sequential order while defending players aim to impede their advance.
  • If the attacking player destroys the crystal, a 15-second cooldown period initiates, and the guild that destroyed the crystal becomes the new owner.
  • The battle concludes after 60 minutes, with the defending guild winning automatically. However, if the defending guild protects the crystal from damage for 10 minutes before the countdown ends, they secure automatic victory.

After the War:

  • The guild that captures a castle can distribute drop boxes within the guild until midnight.
  • Participating guild members receive rewards regardless of whether they capture a castle, with additional rewards for those who secure ownership.
  • Guild members can access the chest in the master chamber and utilize the guild dungeon to spawn monsters during their week of castle ownership.
  • The chest in the master chamber refreshes daily.

As the sun sets upon the war-torn lands of War of Emperium, warriors of all races and creeds gather, their spirits afire with anticipation for the upcoming battle. Amidst the chaos and rivalry, a strategic opportunity presents itself - a game trick that holds the key to triumph on this relentless battlefield. Listen closely, for we unveil the path to optimizing your gameplay and ascending to greatness. Are you ready to lead your guild to victory?


Game War Tricks

To optimize your gameplay in War of Emperium, start by clicking on the "Activity" button on the main interface to access the activity page. From there, select "War of Emperium" to view event details. Click on "View Now" to open the War of Emperium page, and then choose "Assign" to access the commander settings. Make sure to check the required number of players and confirm your selection. Once the commander settings are complete, navigate to the "Materials" tab. Select the appropriate exclusive materials for War of Emperium and distribute them strategically among your guild members to maximize their benefits. For enhanced tactical opportunities, click on the "Alliance" tab and create an alliance by clicking on "Create Alliance," allowing guilds without castle pools to join forces or disband the alliance if needed. By utilizing these steps, you can strengthen your guild's position and conquer the battlefield with a unified strategy and resource allocation.

Combat Phase Trick

Master the art of war in War of Emperium with this game trick: Begin by accessing the event page and open the siege battle. Choose the designated castle and navigate your way toward it. Enter the outer castle through the portal and swiftly eliminate roadblocks by transforming. Acquire explosives to destroy the mechanism controllers on each side of the door, granting access to the inner castle. Utilize the laser on the left side to decrypt props, opening the side door for entry. Within the inner castle, strategically place explosives to annihilate the control crystals on both sides of the door, granting access to the main door. Proceed to the crystal hall, focusing on demolishing the innermost gorgeous crystal while seamlessly transitioning between offense and defense. Keep persevering until the end of the event, as ownership of the castle will eventually change hands. Lastly, don't forget to check your email for the War of Emperium participation gift package, as it holds valuable rewards for your valor on the battlefield.

Post-War Stage Trick

Unveil a hidden war trick to maximize your gains after a victorious War of Emperium: Open the guild interface from the main menu and select "Back to the guild." Keep an eye out for scattered gift bag rewards left behind in the aftermath of the battle, swiftly gathering them for your guild's triumph. Locate the "Castle Deacon" by following the red-framed portal and engage in dialogue to enter the castle owner's room. Within the room, choose the treasure chest and unlock its contents to claim your well-deserved rewards. By diligently exploring these post-war opportunities, you can elevate your guild's status and reap the spoils of victory in this immersive warfare experience.

By understanding the strategic flow of War of Emperium in Ragnarok Origin, Pinoy players can seize the opportunity to dominate cities, unlock exclusive benefits, and experience the thrill of guild warfare like never before. Prepare your guild, rally your comrades, and embark on an unforgettable conquest for supremacy in this dynamic online world.

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