917Ventures launches MemoApp to accelerate business digitalization with automated documents, affordable e-signatures

 Recent years have seen rapid changes in the way people work, with remote and hybrid work arrangements widely adopted around the world. This has also reshaped the way documents are handled, with many processes going digital.


917Ventures launches MemoApp

As a high-performing and agile company, Globe was quick to innovate, adopting a tool called MemoApp at the height of the pandemic for paperless approvals within and across departments. The user-friendly online tool has made internal reviews and clearances more efficient, becoming part of Globe’s ways of working even as employees are now back in the office.


Now, Globe’s corporate venture builder 917Ventures is bringing this digital tool beyond the company in response to the growing business demand for efficient digital document handling.


"MemoApp is truly a game-changer in the industry. Through its affordable document management solution, we are able to help businesses create, track, and sign documents easily in a secure online platform. It's incredibly convenient, cost-efficient, and time-saving.  No more hassles in missing documents and having piles of paperwork. With MemoApp, users can track and approve with one click,” said Carla Bianca Yap-Sy Su, 917Ventures Entrepreneur-in-Residence.917Ventures launches MemoApp

MemoApp is a fully automated, all-in-one management tool designed for teams and businesses of all sizes. It streamlines workflow processes by providing an efficient platform for creating, approving, signing, and tracking memos.


MemoApp’s latest feature is an electronic signature that revolutionizes the way businesses take care of paperwork. This feature allows enterprises to digitally sign and collect documents, simplifying the approval process and making document tracking faster. With a user-friendly interface and enhanced security measures, it ensures that e-signatures are as effective as traditional pen-on-paper signatures.


The platform is also an affordable alternative to other e-signature solutions. Subscription starts at only P499, significantly more affordable and provides more value for its users than other document management tools.


MemoApp offers not just competitive pricing, but also a commitment to quality and user experience.


Not only does MemoApp allow users to access memos anytime, anywhere on any device, but it also secures every document with encryption, visible only to designated individuals in a workflow. It eliminates the need to switch between multiple applications, saving time and enhancing efficiency.

917Ventures launches MemoApp


MemoApp’s launch signifies a significant step towards digital transformation, particularly for Filipino businesses. By simplifying the document process, and improving workflows, it is poised to empower more Filipino businesses to boost their productivity and save time and money.


Led by Yap-Sy Su and Venture Builder Myles Salud, MemoApp was already successfully tested and adopted by the Globe Group, including Globe, KonsultaMD, GCash, Rush Technologies, BRAVE CONNECTIVE, INQUIRO, m360, and KROMA Entertainment.


917Ventures launches MemoApp

Individuals and businesses looking to try the MemoApp can sign up at https://memoapp.ph/  to book a demo and avail of a free trial.

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