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Inspiring Voices: Spotify Spotlights Stories of Creativity and Passion from Filipino Creators


Spotify Spotlights Filipino Creators

Creators Lyqa Maravilla, Victor Anastacio, Stanley Chi, Gift Boiser, and Jeng Taugan share their personal stories as audio creatives and the joys of podcasting.

As part of Spotify’s continuous efforts to champion and celebrate its creators all year long – and in commemoration of the recent International Podcast Day, Spotify is putting the spotlight on some of the most passionate Filipino audio creators dedicated to discussing topics close to their hearts and touching the lives of listeners through shared interests and discussions that expand their worldview.

“At Spotify, we are committed to celebrating and uplifting the voices of Filipino creators all year long. The Filipino community of podcasters presents a vibrant and diverse tapestry of talent, and their stories, passion, and unique perspectives have been a constant source of entertainment and inspiration to listeners and aspiring creators alike,” shared Carl Zuzarte, Spotify’s Head of Podcast for Southeast Asia.

To give a glimpse into the world of storytelling through podcasts, Spotify has partnered with  Filipino creatives Victor Anastacio of Intellectwalwal, Gift Boiser of Gift Podcast, Stanley Chi of Underpaid, Lyqa Maravilla of Trying Hard, and Mama Jeng of Laban, Self!. In addition to talking about their podcasting journeys, they also dive deep into what it means to make an impact on listeners, and as a bonus for new or aspiring creators: tips on how they’ve made the most of their channels on Spotify.



The phrase “Trying Hard” might have its negative connotations, but for Lyqa Maravilla, Trying Hard means daring to do something different to better oneself, and his or her position in life.

Lyqa created the Trying Hard podcast during the pandemic to inspire listeners to pursue their dreams even when life gets challenging. It has been three years since the birth of Trying Hard, and with close to 100 episodes covering topics from self-improvement, to relationships and communication, Lyqa has helped listeners going through similar situations or struggles, by sharing the lessons she has learnt.

And for her, success and a sense of fulfillment have taken shape not just in the form of numbers, but in the community that the podcast has built. “TryHards (Trying Hard’s official community name) are my biggest source of motivation: the lives we touch, the messages we receive, and the people who start or keep dreaming big after listening to us,” said Lyqa.

“We recently started a new segment called Ask Lyqa, in which my co-host and I share advice with those who want it. What we’ve been getting in most letters displays such a sense of vulnerability, and we’re always humbled to know how much our community trusts us,” said Lyqa, who attributes this bond to the very nature of podcasting.

“The podcast format lets me focus on telling stories and sharing my thoughts without being caught up with visual distractions. So, as much as I also enjoy creating video content, podcasting provides a platform for more intimate conversations, and this has allowed me to not just build a community with a wide breadth, but with depth as well,” Lyqa shared.

In the spirit of inspiring Filipinos to pursue their dreams, Lyqa has this to share with aspiring podcast creators: “My first podcast episodes were recorded with just my phone - I didn’t even have a separate microphone. So don’t wait until you have the best equipment or the most perfectly edited episode, because you may never get started if you wait for perfection. The true value of a podcast lies in what you have to share.” 


Intellectwalwal host Victor Anastacio was first motivated to start his own podcast because of his deep-rooted love for humor and the joy it brings to people. But it was the medium’s profound sense of community that led him to discover his true calling in the world of podcasting.

“The podcasting community feels very open and welcoming, but at the same time, intimate. The fact that you can talk to someone without the need for high-energy celebrity flair and time limitations of traditional media really got me into it,” Victor shared.  

Since starting Intellectwalwal in 2020, Victor has produced more than 200 episodes and counting, covering hot topics in the comedy world, interviews with fellow entertainers and content creators, and everyday life stories and situations.

Offering hundreds of hours of comedy content, the Intellectwalwal podcast has been making its mark amongst its growing community of listeners as it continues to spread laughter and brighten lives. “From messages telling me that my podcast helps them through the day, to strangers coming up to me with a smile to tell me that they enjoy the podcast - I feel very fulfilled and motivated to keep doing what I do,” remarked Victor.

For those thinking about embarking on their podcasting journey, Victor offered sage advice: “Just start your podcast, and let the audiences’ responses be your compass in guiding the content creation process for your subsequent episodes.” Providing further insights into his creative process, Victor also revealed that he has been an avid podcast listener on Spotify for the last 10 years. “Input also inspires your output. I believe that if you want to be inspiring and engaging, it really helps to be inspired and engaged yourself,” he explained. 




With a background as a columnist and an established presence as a published author, Stanley Chi's infectious humor has long been a cornerstone of the entertainment industry. Furthermore, he hosts several TV and radio segments, including One News, Radyo Singko 92.3 FM, and PhilKotse, and mixes it with his comedic wits to uniquely distinguish his work. Known for his 'suplado’ wisdom and office-themed comedy showcased in his literary works, he ventured into podcasting with the launch of Underpaid - a move aimed at deepening his connections with his audience.

Having once been an office employee himself, the Underpaid podcast now boasts over 340 episodes, treating listeners to a candid exploration of relatable workplace themes spanning office humor, the art of navigating colleague interactions, and thriving in the corporate world.

To Stanley’s pleasant surprise, the podcast resonated far and wide, and the outpouring of gratitude from its dedicated listeners has been heartwarming. Having received countless testimonies about how his insights have positively influenced their professional journeys, Stanley shared: “There are listeners who reached out to express how thankful they are after securing salary increases, promotions, and in some instances, even new job opportunities.”

With his wealth of experience as an entertainer and creator, Stanley offers valuable advice to aspiring podcasters. He underscores the importance of a distinctive concept and a memorable podcast name. But ultimately, for him, the true essence of content creation lies in its ability to resonate deeply with the audience and encourage active engagement: giving listeners a voice in shaping the trajectory of the podcast itself.

Gift Boiser’s journey into the world of podcasting was actually a surprising twist in the vision she had for her creative path. The 16-year-old had already made waves as a social media content creator, and admits that starting a podcast wasn’t even top-of-mind. That is until a follower suggested the idea. The spark ignited, and being charged with a purpose to continue making a positive impact on her followers, the Gift Podcast was born.  

Dropping a new episode every Friday, the show offers listeners refreshing perspectives about growing up, self-improvement, everyday life, and its most memorable moments through the lens of a teenager in the Philippines.

A believer in keeping it real, the Gift Podcast has touched lives and connected with its audiences on a deep, personal level, propelling the show to soaring popularity on Spotify - particularly amongst Gen Z listeners.

But beyond the numbers and charts, Gift has found a profound sense of fulfillment from her listeners, who have shared how much the podcast has helped them. “It really fills my heart,” expressed Gift.

For those aspiring to enter the world of podcasting, Gift shared important insights. In addition to bearing in mind the importance of authenticity; consistency, discipline and time management have been paramount to the creation of the Gift Podcast. “Creating quality content requires dedication and effective time management,” said Gift, who balances podcast creation with school. 


Before starting the Laban, Self! with Mama Jeng podcast, Mama Jeng’s presence on social media had already made her name synonymous with authenticity, empowerment, and meaningful conversations.

Her journey into the world of podcasting began with a burning desire to take a step further in helping others. She wanted to provide her audiences with a safe space to delve deeper into topics that truly mattered to her. From discussing relationships, self-care, self-love, and motivation, she needed a platform that allows creators to go beyond what short-form videos could provide.

Speaking about the creation of Laban, Self! with Mama Jeng, she said: “With podcasts, I’m able to hit record and express my authentic self while discussing meaningful topics at my own pace and in a comfortable setting. That’s what I truly enjoy about this medium.”

While it has only been a couple of months since the birth of the show, its listenership has seen immense growth on Spotify. Having ranked alongside fellow Filipino creators who have been podcasting for years, the success of her podcast is a testament to the values Mama Jeng holds in her creative process.

To aspiring podcast creators, she offered these words of wisdom: “While starting your podcasting journey may not be easy, just remember that consistency, passion for your chosen topic, and authenticity are essential factors that will support you throughout the process. People naturally gravitate towards creators who are genuine and stay true to themselves.”

Ultimately, for Mama Jeng, simply having the opportunity to be a source of strength amongst listeners has been the main thing that brings joy in her podcasting journey. “Whether they listen to the show while driving, before going to bed, or when they just need solace during overwhelming times - for me, it’s all about providing them with a sense of companionship that many of us often lack in our lives,” she shared.


Thinking of Starting a Podcast?

In addition to championing local creators in all stages of their journey, Spotify also supports podcasters with a range of tools and resources to help in not just the creation of episodes, but also in content planning and listener engagement. Here are some of the podcasters’ favorites.

For Gift and Stanley, Spotify’s Q&A feature for podcasters has helped level up the way they engage with listeners. According to Gift, her listeners have used the tool to share podcast topic ideas, while Stanley has used it to gather feedback on his content. “I’ve been using the Q&A feature to ask my listeners what they think about the episodes - especially on days when there are more listeners. This has allowed me to continuously improve my content,” shared Stanley.

And for Mama Jeng, the ease of managing her channel on Spotify has been a pleasant surprise. “The Spotify for Podcasters platform makes the channel set-up and episode uploading really straightforward. Furthermore, Spotify also offers additional resources such as research material, masterclass videos, and the latest news. These have helped me enhance my presence on the platform.

Ready to start your own podcast? Learn more at https://podcasters.spotify.com/.

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