Why Globe implements Late payment Fee for Postpaid Customers Avoid Service interruptions


Why Globe implements Late payment Fee for Postpaid Customers

Globe will start enforcing late payment fees stipulated in the subscription agreement for mobile and broadband postpaid customers starting December 1, 2023 to encourage on-time payment of monthly dues and ensure uninterrupted services.  The late payment fee is not a new fee but has been part of the Globe subscription agreement with its customers.


A minimal late payment fee of PHP50 will apply to Mobile Postpaid, Platinum and Globe At Home Broadband Postpaid accounts.


Charging a late payment fee is standard practice for services with monthly recurring bills including banks and credit card companies. Telco companies abroad also charge late payment fees.  


“For the longest time, Globe had deferred charging the late payment fee even though this is included in the terms and conditions of our postpaid subscription agreement. With today's business environment when other sectors and even the government are charging late payment fees, an example is the LTO, we believe that the telco sector may follow suit.  In our case, only postpaid customers who comprise less than 5% of our total mobile customer base will be charged,” said Darius Delgado, Vice President and Head of Consumer Mobile Business of Globe.


Those who believe they were charged late payment fees by mistake or have questions on their billing may also contact our customer service team via our official Globe Facebook Messenger channel, and Globe will rectify confirmed errors.


In case payment due dates fall on a holiday or a weekend, Globe encourages customers to pay their bills before the due date using same-day payment posting channels.


To ensure on-time payments, Globe offers online payment platforms such as the GlobeOne app and GCash to make it more convenient for customers to settle their bills. Customers may also enroll their accounts to auto-debit arrangements through their respective banks.


“Our customers don’t have to worry about the late payment fee if they pay on time. This fee is not meant to burden them but to encourage them to make prompt payments for uninterrupted connectivity services. We want to veer away from the usual practice of disconnecting services over unpaid balances,” added Delgado.


To learn how to pay bills via the GlobeOne app, go to https://www.globe.com.ph/apps-content/globeone.html#gref.  To know more about Globe,  visit  https://www.globe.com.ph/.

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