MPTC, MPT Mobility, CCLEC broke ground for CCLEX Drive & Dine Cebu Restaurant

CCLEX Drive & Dine Cebu Restaurant

MVP-led company Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation and its subsidiaries Cebu Cordova Link Expressway Corporation (CCLEC) and MPT Mobility have launched their newest development, the CCLEX Drive & Dine.


CCLEX Drive & Dine is a 5,580 square-meter, three-storey food hub that will be constructed along the iconic Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX) that bridges Cebu communities and motorists. 


 CCLEX Drive & Dine Cebu Restaurant

A sit-down meal with a view 

CCLEX Drive & Dine is set to follow the footsteps of NLEX Drive & Dine, MPT Mobility’s commercial dining and retail facility located along the North Luzon Expressway. 


With its strategic proximity between Cebu City and Cordova, CCLEX Drive & Dine is poised to contribute greatly to the dining culture in Metro Cebu, offering a gateway to the unique flavors of Cebu’s cultural scene. Similar to NLEX Drive & Dine, locals and tourists of Cebu can expect an impressive line-up of food service partners. 

 CCLEX Drive & Dine Cebu Restaurant

To make CCLEX Drive & Dine stand out even more, it considers both innovation and green development, putting emphasis on green spaces around its structure to complement CCLEX’s sustainable design while respecting the magnificent and breathtaking view of the Mactan Channel and Cordova Channel. 


“The [original idea] was to make a service facility more than simply functional, and the overwhelmingly positive response tells us that we are on the right track in building something that would enrich the current experience and create a whole new dimension of it in the process,” Ticzon says. “The first concept informed us of what is possible.” 

 CCLEX Drive & Dine Cebu Restaurant

 A hospitable hub for hungry travelers 

The CCLEX Drive & Dine also promises a step away from the ordinary—a complete reset of what travelers have come to expect on the road. 


As world-class design meets the best of what Cebu has to offer, this project is set to become a dining destination, adapted to suit local tastes and highlight what makes Cebu distinct. 


From the culture of sharing dishes to the bold, vibrant flavors of the local cuisine, the project aims to recreate the act of exploring the region through its variety of choices—from quick refreshments and casual sit-down meals to big, celebratory dinners, there is sure to be something for everyone. 

CCLEX Drive & Dine Cebu Restaurant

“The Queen City of the South takes her food seriously, and food can be such an excellent representation of the culture it stems from,” said Ticzon. “This is what guides our plans for the dining scene at CCLEX Drive & Dine.” 


While creating a one-stop-shop lifestyle hub is the end goal, the group is also looking to enhance the overall customer experience. The theme of the company’s work over the past few years has centered on customer experience as an essential component of the long-term vision of Smart Urban Mobility, a concept that has received good feedback in this region in particular. 

CCLEX Drive & Dine Cebu Restaurant

CCLEX Drive & Dine, which is targeted to open in the middle of 2024, promises not only a rest stop for travelers, but also a wide array of services to provide comfort and convenience. 


To keep up with its progress, follow CCLEX on Facebook and Instagram; for more information on MPT Mobility’s digital mobility solutions, follow them on Facebook, or visit the website.

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