Cascadeo Cloud management Platform powered by AWS generative AI


Cascadeo, the Globe Group’s elite Cloud and AI engineering firm, has incorporated Generative AI technology to its industry-leading cloud management platform Cascadeo AI. This latest innovation builds upon Cascadeo’s remarkable track record as a global Gartner Magic Quadrant company, AWS Premier consulting firm, and AWS-certified Managed Services Provider.

Cascadeo AI is a composite and comprehensive AI powered cloud management platform that allows businesses to monitor, manage, and optimize cloud deployments in real time. Its power lies in combining generative AI with human expertise to simplify public cloud management for managed service providers and enterprise customers.


It comes with a free trial offer, where those interested can create accounts, connect to their cloud deployments, and enjoy the benefits of Cascadeo AI without any commitment. Cascadeo can also tailor its offer in terms of professional services, managed services and cloud resale, among others, based on actual client needs.


“The goal is not to get rid of the humans and replace them with automation. Instead it is to make humans vastly more capable, accurate, productive, and constantly upskilled by augmenting their intelligence with AI and the massive universe of data it has been trained on,” said Jared Reimer, Cascadeo's Chief Technology Officer and Founder.


“Cascadeo AI harnesses and combines the power of the most advanced generative AI tools to simplify and dramatically improve cloud management,” he added.


A key component of Cascadeo's Managed Services, Cascadeo AI now takes center stage. With the launch of its dedicated product website,, the website serves as a rich resource on the benefits and functionalities of Cascadeo AI and positioning it as an essential tool for efficient, scalable cloud management.


“Composite AI is the future.  We leverage AWS Bedrock, SageMaker, DevOps Guru, Lambda serverless and develop with CodeWhisperer.  Cascadeo is all-in on generative AI and the first to market globally with an AI-enabled cloud management platform,” said Reimer.


The website highlights the platform's significant benefits for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and enterprise customers. It focuses on how Cascadeo AI simplifies and streamlines cloud management processes, enabling MSPs to efficiently handle a larger customer base and boosting productivity for both enterprise and MSP staff.


Beyond being a state-of-the-art tool, the key advantage of Cascadeo AI lies in its ability to save time and money for its users. It achieves this by consolidating and accelerating cloud management tasks, enhancing operational visibility to proactively address potential issues, and optimizing costs and performance to maintain a low total cost of ownership (TCO) while ensuring high functionality in public cloud environments.


The website also details how Cascadeo AI effectively removes obstacles to cloud adoption for enterprises. It achieves this by aiding staff upskilling, improving security and governance measures, and integrating operational telemetry and events from multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, and various other cloud accounts into one unified tool. It also provides holistic support, from physical infrastructure, network and cloud, to database, application, web endpoints, and even external AI tools such as AWS DevOps Guru.


Cascadeo AI showcases Cascadeo's forward-thinking approach to adopting generative AI to transform cloud solutions. This initiative places Cascadeo at the forefront of global discussions about the profound impact of generative AI on businesses. It also highlights the vast potential and rich possibilities that lie in the future of the technology.


Cascadeo AI is now available for enterprise customers and for white-label licensing by managed service providers.  Visit to learn more.

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