Globe Roam Surf4All for Travel Abroad

Affordability is at the heart of Roam Surf4All. Splitting costs with friends or family makes it incredibly budget-friendly, starting at as low as PHP73.00 per person per day for up to 15 days. Say goodbye to extra charges for security deposits, courier, and insurance fees. #GlobeOne #Surf4All

 Every holiday season, travel is expected to peak, with families and groups of friends going off to overseas adventures they have long been planning for. To better serve its customers on their group trips, Globe is bringing a new innovation that makes data roaming more affordable, and now, easily shareable!


The new Globe Roam Surf4All brings ease and affordability to every trip, catering to the needs of budget-conscious families and travel groups.


Roam Surf4All is available in over 100 countries and offers an unmatched level of convenience by allowing shared connectivity among multiple users . You can explore independently and skip the hassle of staying close to others to get shared connectivity, unlike when using a pocket WiFi. You may also enjoy up to 5G speeds that don’t slow down or throttle as you use more data or add more members to your group.


With the GlobeOne app, managing your group and tracking your data usage is a breeze. Add up to four members to your travel group and keep an eye on everyone’s data use effortlessly, all in real-time. Members can be Globe Platinum, Postpaid, Prepaid or TM customers, provided they are all roamers.


You may choose from three tailor-made packages, each designed to suit various travel durations and data needs:


       Roam Surf4All 2599 with 5GB for 5 days (Php 104 per person per day)

       Roam Surf4All 5499 with 10GB for 15 days (Php 73 per person per day)

       Roam Surf4All 7499 with 15GB for 30 days (Coming soon at Php 50 per person per day)


“We at Globe are thrilled to present Roam Surf4All, a true game-changer in data roaming. It’s an unprecedented shared roaming service that you can enjoy with your travel buddies conveniently and at reasonable rates. This is another innovation that Globe is launching to make every travel experience richer and more enjoyable for its customers,” said Coco Domingo, Vice President of Postpaid and International Business at Globe.


Getting started with Roam Surf4All is simple. To register:

       Access GlobeOne

       Click Buy Promos

       Click More Promos Abroad

       Look for the Roam Surf4All promo you prefer


Once successfully registered to the promo, you can manage your data and add up to four Globe/TM members.


To easily add members to your group data:

       Click “Add Member” in the group data dashboard

       Click the Phonebook icon to choose from the contact list or manually type in the number of the member

       Once added, both owner and member will be notified


Upon arrival abroad, members can just turn on their Mobile Data and Data Roaming to start browsing. Just a friendly reminder that the promo validity of Roam Surf4All starts upon registration.


This holiday season, let Roam Surf4All be your companion in creating unforgettable and more rewarding travel memories. Step into a world of seamless connectivity and shared experiences with Globe’s Roam Surf4All.


To learn more about Roam Surf4All, visit

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