Globe Steep 73.7% Decline in Blocked bank-related spam, scam SMS in 2023


Globe Steep 73.7% Decline in Blocked bank-related spam, scam SMS in 2023

Globe has registered an impressive 73.7% reduction in blocked spam and scam SMS related to banks in 2023, a notable achievement in its ongoing fight against financial fraud.


Globe intercepted 21.9 million bank-related spam and scam SMS in 2023, marking a sharp decline from the 83.39 million messages blocked the previous year. This accomplishment underscores the effectiveness of the company’s proactive strategies and its robust partnerships with the country's major banks and financial institutions.


Globe earlier forged anti-fraud pacts with the Bankers Association of the Philippines (BAP), encompassing 45 major banks, and various individual players in the finance sector to enable vigorous and timely data and intelligence-sharing, aligning efforts to prevent and investigate fraud more effectively.


“This milestone not only highlights our commitment to combating financial fraud but also encourages us to continuously enhance our security measures for the protection of our customers," said Anton Bonifacio, Chief Information Security Officer at Globe.


Globe has invested about US$20 million to enhance its spam and scam SMS detection and blocking system and operates a round-the-clock Security Operations Center to filter out unwanted messages, including app-to-person and person-to-person SMS from international and domestic sources.


"Despite facing certain limitations, our dedication to customer protection remains unwavering," added Bonifacio. "The fight against fraud requires a unified approach, as it affects everyone. Alongside utilizing cutting-edge technology, we are committed to strengthening our alliances with key stakeholders and escalating our efforts to combat these fraudulent activities."


As the company continues to advance its technologies and collaborations, it remains dedicated to providing a safer and more secure digital environment for its customers.


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