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Logitech 3.3 Gadget Sale Amazing Deals Lazada

Logitech 3.3 Gadget Sale

Up to 37% off + vouchers + Sodexo gift cards and more on select items

It’s that time of the month again. If you're a fan of #Lazada which is celebrating its 11th birthday this year, as well as of big discounts on high-end gaming accessories, then you wouldn’t want to miss this deal!

This March 3, #Logitech the world leader in PC and gaming peripherals, is once again offering its sought-after products at a discounted price to complete your gaming arsenal. If you’re scouring the market for a new professional-grade headset or a new gaming keyboard to support your non-stop daily grinds, then Logitech has got you covered. Enjoy up to 37% voucher discounts, Sodexo gift cards and more!

Mark your calendars as Logitech’s 3.3 Lazada sale will give you the chance to elevate your playstyle and boost gaming sessions to the max -- from top-tier wireless gaming mice with stunning precision and low-latency, stylish and ergonomically-designed keyboards balancing performance and comfort, to headsets designed to give you an immersive sound experience.

Logitech SuperLight: A portable powerhouse


Logitech 3.3 Gadget Sale

Win trades and show off your aiming accuracy with the Logitech G Pro X Superlight Wireless Gaming Mouse. Weighing at a mere 63 grams, this is Logitech’s lightest PRO mouse, providing a near frictionless glide for sharp, fluid hand flicks and motions with zero opposition.


The Logitech G exclusive HERO 25K sensors represent an elevated standard for optical mouse performance and efficiency, boasting an impressive 25,600 DPI instead of the typical 16,000 from most gaming mice in the market. The HERO 25K also incorporates a smart power management system that dynamically adjusts frame rates in response to mouse movement, effectively minimizing power usage.

Logitech G513 CARBON LIGHTSYNC RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with GX Brown Switch (920-011070): Sleek comfort in the battlefield


Logitech 3.3 Gadget Sale


An intelligent blend of keyboard efficiency and comfort comes from the Logitech G513. Its most notable feature is its detachable, soft, memory-foam palm rest that offers maximum comfort for every engaging gaming episode. The comfort foam is bound in a waterproof, durable leatherette, making it easy to wipe off sweat or accidental spills.


The minimalist and straightforward design highlights the keyboard keys which can be independently customized from a pool of 16.8 million colors, giving it a look that’s uniquely yours. It’s also made from an incredibly strong and durable 5052 aluminum-magnesium alloy that is non-slip, ensuring longevity and reliability.


Logitech G435+G304 combo: Elevating sound and navigation


Logitech 3.3 Gadget Sale


This combo hits two of your core gaming needs -- an exceptional and stylish wireless headset and a high-performing, customizable mouse bundled into one attractive deal. The Logitech G435 LIGHTSPEED wireless gaming headset is the aesthetically efficient way to ramp up your gaming escapades.

Thanks to its LIGHTSPEED wireless tech, experience premium audio quality with no-latency delays and strong connectivity. Connect to multiple Bluetooth-compatible platforms such as PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 to fit your style of gaming.


Assemble your party and play for long hours or listen to your favorite tunes with its 18-hour battery life and comfortably snug fit. The earcups are made from breathable, sound-isolating memory foam, keeping your ears cool and minimizing sound leakage.


The G435 also boasts a sustainably crafted exterior made from 22% certified post-consumer recycled plastic and a neutral carbon footprint production from Logitech’s carbon offsetting investment projects.


Equally impressive is the headset’s partner mouse, the Logitech G304 LIGHTSPEED wireless gaming mouse. It’s built with HERO optical sensors to deliver a premium gaming experience with zero smoothing, acceleration or filtering. Experience continuous and long-lasting gaming sessions with the built-in smart power management system on top of an exceptional 250-hour battery lifespan using just one AA battery.


Streamline your macros and complex button sequences with 6 total programmable buttons for various gaming or non-gaming related tasks. Mechanical button tensioning also ensures that every button press is consistent and reduces the force needed to push for those intense gaming moments.


Logitech G Pro X Wireless Headset: Hear everything


Logitech 3.3 Gadget Sale


Engineered for pro-gamer level performance, the Logitech G Pro X champions its DTS Headphone:X 2.0 and 50 mm drivers for advanced audio clarity, bass rendering, and precise sound proximity reproduction to accurately pinpoint anyone’s location in-game.


The aluminum fork and steel-reinforced headband ensures the headset’s durability while the comfortable memory foam earpads provide you comfort while playing.


The power of BLUE VO!CE microphone technology effectively filters out background noise, adds compressions and guarantees you clear and crisp voice communication that makes you sound richer and fuller.


Logitech G502 X LIGHTSPEED GAMING MOUSE (Black): Futuristic gaming beast


Logitech 3.3 Gadget Sale


Feel like a professional esport player with the out-of-this-world design and functionality of Logitech G502 X. The first-ever hybrid optical-mechanical gaming mouse can revolutionize your playstyle with its introduction of LIGHTFORCE hybrid switches, LIGHTSPEED pro-grade wireless, HERO 25K sensors to ensure absolute sub-micron accuracy and POWERPLAY compatibility for long gameplays.


The LIGHTFORCE hybrid switches combine speed and reliability through its optical actuation while still maintaining the crisp and tactile clicking feedback that gamers prefer. Meanwhile, the LIGHTSPEED wireless ensures a 68% faster response rate compared to previous generations on top of a 140-hour battery life.


Logitech G923: Your gaming journey driven in style


Logitech 3.3 Gadget Sale


The Logitech G923 is made for specific gamers with a knack for racing. Grab yours as stocks last to feel this one-of-a-kind driving experience. The award-winning driving wheel connects directly to in-game engines and physics to deliver real-time feedback to dramatically increase game immersion.


G923’s firmware adjusts its voltage and matches the outputs from game physics to deliver pinpoint accurate realism. The premium brushed metal, automotive-style leather stitching and polished pedals completes the G923 with a premium and professional finish.


Found something that piqued your interest? Save the date and don’t be late to grab the deal that’ll turn your gaming dreams into reality.


Ready your virtual shopping carts and check out Logitech’s 3.3 sale on Lazada. You may also visit the Logitech website and official Facebook Page for more details on Logitech’s latest product offerings.


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