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HONOR Magic6 Pro: AI-Driven Innovation Leads to No.1 Spot in China


HONOR Magic6 Pro: AI-Driven Innovation Leads to No.1 Spot in China

HONOR, a leading global provider of smart devices, is making waves with the AI integration of HONOR Magic6 Pro. Set to launch in the Philippines on May 8, this device is driving the brand’s rapid growth. #MagicAICameraPhone #HONORMagic6Pro

HONOR Tops the Charts In a recent study by the International Data Corporation (IDC), HONOR clinched the top spot among leading smartphone brands. Antonio Wang, Vice President at IDC, reported that HONOR secured a remarkable 17% market share, with a staggering Year-over-Year (YoY) shipments surge of 123.3% in Q1 2024.

HONOR Magic6 Pro: A Game-Changer The debut of the HONOR Magic6 Pro in China saw Q1 shipments surpassing the combined shipments of its predecessors in the first two quarters. This achievement is attributed to its cutting-edge AI functionalities. The HONOR Magic6 Pro is set to hit the Philippines market on May 8.

HONOR Magic6 Pro: AI-Driven Innovation Leads to No.1 Spot in China

HONOR’s Global Growth HONOR’s overseas market has seen significant growth over the past year, with a 200% growth rate. By Q1 2024, HONOR has entered more than 100 markets and ranked Top 5 in many markets including Europe, Middle East, Latin America, and Malaysia.

Innovation at the Core HONOR consistently dedicates over 10% of its annual income to Research and Development (R&D). In the realm of AI exploration alone, HONOR has invested upwards of 10 billion CNY. With a team of over 8000 R&D professionals across 7 R&D centers and over 100 innovative laboratories, HONOR is at the forefront of innovation.

Battery Innovations HONOR has broken new ground by integrating emerging battery innovations from the automotive industry into smartphones. The introduction of the all-new Second-generation Silicon-carbon Battery to the HONOR Magic6 Series promises exceptional battery life and consistent performance.

HONOR Magic6 Pro: AI-Driven Innovation Leads to No.1 Spot in China

AI Falcon Camera System In response to the surge in popularity of “sportography” and the escalating importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI), HONOR has spearheaded camera innovation in the industry with the HONOR Magic Series’ distinctive AI falcon camera system.


  1. What is the HONOR Magic6 Pro? The HONOR Magic6 Pro is a smartphone from HONOR that integrates AI functionalities. It is set to launch in the Philippines on May 8.

  2. What makes the HONOR Magic6 Pro unique? The HONOR Magic6 Pro is unique due to its cutting-edge AI functionalities, including the AI Falcon Camera System. It also features the all-new Second-generation Silicon-carbon Battery, an innovation from the automotive industry.

  3. What is HONOR’s market share according to IDC? According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), HONOR secured a 17% market share in Q1 2024.

  4. What is the AI Falcon Camera System? The AI Falcon Camera System is a distinctive feature of the HONOR Magic Series. It enhances capture speed and image clarity, making it ideal for “sportography”.

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