GFiber Prepaid: Unmatched Value in Speed and Price


GFiber Prepaid: Unmatched Value in Speed and Price

Fast, dependable, and fiber-based, #GFiber Prepaid is available for as low as Php 33/day.

#Globe is revolutionizing the market with GFiber #Prepaid, its most cost-effective unlimited prepaid fiber internet service. It offers an unrivaled blend of 50Mbps speed and economical pricing, democratizing access to reliable connectivity for just Php 33/day on a pay-as-you-go basis.

"We are dedicated to promoting digital inclusion by empowering every Filipino. GFiber Prepaid encapsulates our ‘Kaya Mo Now’ ethos, enabling our customers to achieve more through reliable, rechargeable, and most importantly, affordable unlimited internet access,” stated Abigail Cardino, VP and Head of Brand Management, Broadband Business at Globe.

Introduced last year, GFiber Prepaid sets itself apart from existing fiber plans by doing away with monthly bills and lock-in periods. Customers can relish the liberty and adaptability of a truly pay-per-use model, topping up their accounts as required via the GlobeOne app or GCash, with “Buy Now, Pay Later” options available through GGives and GCredit.

This aligns with Globe’s commitment to digital inclusion and sustainable connectivity.

To cater to a variety of connectivity requirements, GFiber Prepaid offers a comprehensive range of four unique promos:

  • GFiberSurf299: UNLI fiber internet for seven days at only Php299, ideal for temporary internet usage.
  • GFiberSurf549: 15 days of UNLI connectivity for Php549, perfect for remote workers and gaming enthusiasts.
  • GFiberSurf999: A full month of robust and reliable UNLI internet service for just Php999, suitable for long-term renters and homeschooling.
  • GFiberSurf9999: 12 months of UNLI internet for only Php9,999, excellent for temporary and rental homes.

Enrolling in GFiber Prepaid is a smooth, entirely digital process, with no documentation required and instant installation within 24 hours.

By providing an unbeatable price-to-speed ratio for its reloadable UNLI internet prepaid service, Globe meets the immediate connectivity needs of many Filipinos and contributes to bridging the digital divide and promoting inclusive growth through digitalization.

Become part of the expanding community of satisfied customers who have transitioned to the fastest and most affordable prepaid internet in the Philippines.


  1. What is GFiber Prepaid? GFiber Prepaid is Globe’s most cost-effective unlimited prepaid fiber internet service, offering 50Mbps speed for as low as Php 33/day on a pay-as-you-go basis.

  2. What makes GFiber Prepaid different from other fiber plans? GFiber Prepaid eliminates monthly bills and lock-in periods, allowing customers to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of a truly pay-per-use model.

  3. What promos does GFiber Prepaid offer? GFiber Prepaid offers four distinct promos catering to diverse connectivity needs, ranging from seven days of UNLI fiber internet for Php299 to 12 months of UNLI internet for Php9,999.

  4. How can one sign up for GFiber Prepaid? Signing up for GFiber Prepaid is a seamless, fully digital experience, with no documents required and instant installation within 24 hours.

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