TechLife Pad Philippines Release and Specifications


TechLife Pad Philippines Release and Specifications

TechLife Philippines proudly presents its inaugural tablet, a harmonious fusion of entertainment and productivity.

The #TechLife community is set to be thrilled with the launch of the innovative #TechLifePad on June 27. This latest entrant in the TechLife portfolio addresses all digital requirements of the TechLife community, merging entertainment and productivity in a stylish package. Whether it’s binge-watching the newest shows, tackling tasks, or staying in touch with loved ones, the TechLife Pad is engineered to amplify and streamline everyday activities for users across all age groups.


Entertainment Amplified The TechLife Pad delivers an unparalleled entertainment experience, ideal for enjoying music, viewing videos, or both. Its impressive 10.36" large 2K Display provides the TechLife community with a vivid viewing experience, akin to a portable home theater. The Quad Stereo Speakers complement this by producing rich, immersive audio that enlivens any room, bringing your favorite movies and series to life.

Your Multitasking Partner The TechLife Pad is designed to keep pace with hectic schedules. Equipped with Android 14 and a Unisoc T606 processor that supports LTE and VoLTE, users can effortlessly transition between work, social media, and personal projects for efficient multitasking. The expansive display also boasts a Split Screen View, enabling users to manage emails, participate in online meetings, and read e-books concurrently. Its portability and robust 7000mAh battery make it an excellent travel companion, ensuring you stay connected and entertained on the move. With a standby time of up to 15 hours and a total music playback time of 4.4 hours, the TechLife community can stay connected and entertained on the go. Its intuitive interface ensures that the TechLife Pad is user-friendly, keeping everyone effortlessly connected.

A Tablet for All In essence, the TechLife Pad amalgamates top-tier entertainment and productivity features in a sleek, user-friendly design. It’s an ideal match for millennials, students, or anyone seeking a device that caters to the demands of contemporary life. Its portability aligns perfectly with the on-the-go lifestyle of today’s users. Whether for work, leisure, or staying connected, the TechLife Pad is your go-to device. Don’t miss the official launch on June 27 at 6pm, streaming live on TechLife Philippines’ official Facebook page. Stay updated on other deals and announcements by following TechLife on Instagram and TikTok.


  1. When is the TechLife Pad launching? The TechLife Pad is launching on June 27 at 6pm.

  2. What are the key features of the TechLife Pad? The TechLife Pad features a 10.36" large 2K Display, Quad Stereo Speakers, Android 14, a Unisoc T606 processor, and a 7000mAh battery.

  3. Where can I watch the launch of the TechLife Pad? The launch will be streamed live on TechLife Philippines’ official Facebook page.

  4. How can I stay updated on other deals and announcements from TechLife? You can follow TechLife on Instagram and TikTok for updates.

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