Elevate Your Vlogs with the Vivo V30 Series

Elevate Your Vlogs with the Vivo V30 Series

Vlogging, a fusion of “video” and “blogging,” has emerged as a popular form of entertainment in today’s digital age. Shared on various social media platforms, vlogs offer a glimpse into the daily experiences and stories of individuals. The Philippines has seen a surge in vloggers, ranging from influential personalities with massive followings to regular social media users who vlog about their everyday lives.

With the advent of advanced smartphones, high-quality video recording is now within reach. The #VivoV30 Series enhances vlogs, making them more engaging and creative. The camera features of the# V30 Series can be leveraged to maximize creativity in vlogs.


The Vivo V30 Pro, priced at Php 34,999, offers a single configuration of 12GB RAM + 512GB of storage. The Vivo V30, starting at Php 24,999 (12GB+256), is a more affordable option. For those seeking a budget-friendly yet premium device, the Vivo V30e is available for only Php 17,999.

Elevate Your Vlogs with the Vivo V30 Series

Craft Professional Vlogs with the V30 Pro, Co-engineered with ZEISS

The Vivo V30 Pro, co-engineered with ZEISS, is the ideal choice for those aspiring to create professional-grade vlogs. Its ZEISS Triple Main Camera offers superior video recording features that yield high-quality, cinematic vlogs.

Vlog with the V30, Powered by a SONY Sensor for Balanced Performance and Affordability

The Vivo V30 is the perfect choice for those seeking a balance between performance and affordability. It’s an excellent option for budding vloggers who want to produce high-quality vlogs without breaking the bank.

Elevate Your Vlogs with the Vivo V30 Series

Vlog Smartly on a Budget with the Vivo V30e, Featuring the Exclusive Aura Light 3.0

The V30e is the most budget-friendly option in the V30 Series 5G. Despite its lower price point compared to the V30 Pro and V30, it offers several features that enable users to create high-quality, engaging vlogs.

Embrace the power of cutting-edge technology and start capturing life in stunning detail with the Vivo V30 Series. From the professional-grade capabilities of the V30 Pro to the balanced performance of the V30 and the essential features of the V30e, each model offers unique advantages that can contribute to creating cinematic vlogs.

Elevate Your Vlogs with the Vivo V30 Series

The V30 Series 5G is now available at Vivo concept stores and kiosks nationwide, as well as online via Vivo’s official website, Shopee, TikTok, and Lazada.


  1. What is vlogging? Vlogging is a blend of “video” and “blogging,” where individuals share their daily experiences and stories through videos on various social media platforms.

  2. What is the Vivo V30 Series? The Vivo V30 Series is a range of smartphones designed to enhance vlogs, making them more engaging and creative. The series includes the Vivo V30 Pro, Vivo V30, and Vivo V30e.

  3. What are the unique features of the Vivo V30 Pro? The Vivo V30 Pro, co-engineered with ZEISS, offers superior video recording features, including 4K Ultra HD Recording, Advanced Stabilization, and Enhanced Low-Light Performance.

  4. How does the Vivo V30 balance performance and affordability? The Vivo V30 offers Full High Definition Recording, Standard Stabilization, and Good Low-Light Capabilities at a more affordable price point, making it an excellent choice for budding vloggers.

  5. What features does the budget-friendly Vivo V30e offer? The Vivo V30e supports HD video recording, basic stabilization, decent low-light performance, and has a compact and lightweight design, making it perfect for spontaneous vlogging.

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