GCash and Manila Water Partnership to Enhance Customer Payment

GCash and Manila Water Partnership to Enhance Customer Payment

Manila Water, one of the largest water utility service providers in the Philippines, has forged a direct bill payment alliance with #GCash the nation’s premier finance app and most extensive cashless ecosystem.

This direct integration with GCash is anticipated to further enhance and simplify the payment experience for Manila Water’s millions of customers.


Beyond the benefit of a unified payment solution via the finance app, GCash users can also opt to settle their Manila Water bills on credit or in installments using the GCredit or GGives payment features. This helps them adhere to payment deadlines even when they are short on funds.

“By working hand in hand, GCash and Manila Water aim to make Filipino lives easier by providing them with a secure bill payment platform tailored to their financial needs,” stated Ren-Ren Reyes, President and CEO of G-Xchange, Inc., the operator of the GCash mobile wallet.

With the Manila Water agreement now operational, GCash aspires to inspire more utilities and other vital service providers in the country to become part of the cashless ecosystem that strives to deliver Finance for All.

“Now that we have established this direct bill payment partnership, I am eager to explore how we can further leverage this payment channel to enhance service delivery to our customers and even our employees,” expressed Jocot de Dios, President and CEO of Manila Water, during the partnership signing on June 25, 2024.

Both Manila Water and GCash anticipate that the partnership will yield economic advantages that can aid in further enhancing their customer services.

GCash has been committed to constructing a comprehensive cashless ecosystem that ensures convenience, security, and financial inclusivity for consumers and businesses. As an increasing number of establishments and service providers join the cashless ecosystem, GCash, along with its expanding partner network, aims to lead the charge towards economic progress.


  1. What is the partnership between GCash and Manila Water?

    • GCash and Manila Water have entered into a direct bill payment partnership. This allows Manila Water customers to pay their bills directly through the GCash app.
  2. What are the benefits of this partnership for customers?

    • This partnership provides a one-stop payment solution for Manila Water customers. They can pay their bills on credit or in installments using the GCredit or GGives payment features of GCash.
  3. What is the aim of this partnership?

    • The aim is to make the lives of Filipinos more convenient by providing a secure bill payment platform with financing options suited to their needs. It also encourages more utilities and other essential service providers in the country to join the cashless ecosystem.
  4. When was the partnership agreement signed?

    • The partnership agreement was signed on June 25, 2024.

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