The rise of “Podfluencers” on Spotify

The rise of “Podfluencers” on Spotify

The podcasting landscape in the Philippines has seen a tenfold increase in the past half-decade. #podfluencers

The podcasting industry on #Spotify is witnessing a significant boom, with fans eagerly consuming content from their preferred shows and creators. As the premier audio platform, Spotify has seen a tenfold increase in the number of Filipino #podcasters over the past five years, with local creators driving this growth.

A new breed of influencers, known as “podfluencers,” has notably emerged. Over the past five years, podcast consumption on Spotify has increased elevenfold, reflecting the high-quality content that fans desire. Filipino creators are at the forefront of this trend, with 72% of podcast consumption attributed to local shows.


The rise of “Podfluencers” on Spotify

James Caraan, a member of The KoolPals, one of Spotify’s top comedy podcasts, shared, “Spotify has been instrumental in helping us reach a broader audience. It has not only made podcasting more accessible to Filipinos but also elevated our level of humor. Podcasting has amplified our jokes, allowing us to connect with more comedy enthusiasts seeking alternative entertainment forms.” The KoolPals have seen nearly 2.5 times growth over the past year and celebrated their fifth anniversary in May with a successful turnout of almost 1,500 fans.

Podcasts that offer diverse perspectives and cover a range of topics, from current events to pop culture, are gaining popularity. According to Spotify’s latest Culture Next Report, an increasing number of listeners find podcasters more credible. Almost two-thirds of those surveyed believe that podcasting is more trustworthy than other media forms due to its representation of diverse voices and viewpoints.

The rise of “Podfluencers” on Spotify

This demand for diversity among podcasters is reflected in the rising popularity of creators like Gift Boiser and Nicole Andersson. Gift Podcast, named Spotify Philippines’ Wrapped Top New Solo Podcast of 2023, features creator Gift Boiser discussing topics from romance to school life, deeply resonating with young audiences through her authenticity.

Nicole Andersson, a pioneer fashion blogger in the country, has expanded into podcasting with her show Solo Flight Podcast. Known for sharing snippets of her life online, Nicole now extends her reach to a more intimate audio format, engaging her audience in conversations beyond fashion.

The rise of “Podfluencers” on Spotify

As we enter a new era of podcasting, it’s clear that creators on Spotify are driving culture, backed by passionate and deeply engaged fan bases. For more updates, check out For The Record: Podcasts.


  1. What is a “Podfluencer”? A “Podfluencer” is a new type of influencer that has emerged with the rise of podcasting. They are podcast creators who have significant influence and reach within their listener base.

  2. Who are some notable “Podfluencers” in the Philippines? Some notable “Podfluencers” in the Philippines include James Caraan of The KoolPals, Gift Boiser of Gift Podcast, and Nicole Andersson of Solo Flight Podcast.

  3. Why are podcasts gaining popularity? Podcasts are gaining popularity due to their diverse content, accessibility, and the authenticity of the podcasters. They offer a platform for diverse voices and viewpoints, making them more trustworthy to listeners.

  4. Where can I find these podcasts? These podcasts are available on Spotify, the leading audio platform. You can check out updates on For The Record: Podcasts for more information.

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