OPPO Reno Series Lead the Trend in Mobile Photography Demand for Telephoto Lens


OPPO Reno Series Lead the Trend in Mobile Photography Demand

Over 200 million telephoto lens-equipped smartphones were sold in 2022 globally, with 2024 projected to see that number increase further, according to Counterpoint Research's latest report. This trend is driven by consumers' growing desire for high-quality zoom and portrait capabilities that were previously the domain of professional cameras. This highlights the lens' pivotal role in modern mobile photography and its mass-market appeal. #OPPO

Telephoto lenses have become indispensable in capturing life's moments with greater detail and clarity, fulfilling the public's need for advanced imaging technology. The crucial nature of these lenses illustrates their rise as not a luxury but a necessity for consumers worldwide who want to document their experiences with professional-grade quality, as highlighted in the report.


The Importance of the Telephoto Lens in Elevating Mobile Photography


OPPO Reno Series Lead the Trend in Mobile Photography Demand

The telephoto lens has become a cornerstone of mobile photography, providing users with the ability to take pictures that stand out for their sharpness and artistry. Whether capturing a distant landscape or a close-up portrait, telephoto lenses allow for a level of detail and emotional resonance that rivals traditional cameras. Counterpoint's report shows that these lenses are increasingly being integrated into smartphones globally.

The ability to zoom without losing image quality, coupled with the unique visual effects a telephoto lens can create, has made it a favourite among smartphone users. It is found that the proportion of smartphones equipped with a telephoto camera has increased both globally and in China, reaching 19.3% and 24.4% respectively, confirming the essential nature of telephoto lenses in today's mobile photography landscape.

The Demand for Telephoto Lens Continues to Surge

The study has also found that mass-market uptake of telephoto lenses is accelerating, especially within China's economically priced smartphone segments. There is a remarkable increase in sales of telephoto lens smartphones, making up a significant portion of the market by Q3 2023.

The appeal of telephoto lenses in affordable smartphones reflects consumers' expectations for premium features without the premium price tag. Smartphone brands, recognising this demand, have been quick to respond, equipping their mid-tier phones with telephoto capabilities that allow more people to enjoy enhanced photography experiences typically reserved for high-end models.

OPPO Continues Investment in High-Quality Telephoto Photography

OPPO has played a transformative role in democratising high-quality mobile photography. With a legacy of integrating superior camera technology into its devices, OPPO has consistently delivered on its promise of accessible innovation. Over the years, OPPO’s Reno series has continuously evolved alongside the needs of users, with the Reno10 series being the first to feature a telephoto lens. As a result, it is celebrated for offering top-tier photography features at a price accessible to a broad consumer base.

The Reno series has made strides in the camera department with each iteration, driving forward the availability of professional-grade photography tools in the hands of everyday users. As the market anticipates the launch of the Reno11 Series, OPPO's commitment to pioneering affordable, high-quality mobile photography remains unwavering.

Telephoto Lenses: The Future of Mobile Photography

In conclusion, a promising trajectory is forecasted for telephoto lenses according to Counterpoint’s report, affirming their essential role in the evolution of mobile photography. The analysis suggests that OPPO, with its acclaimed Reno series, is at the forefront of this innovation curve. The industry is poised for further advancements, particularly with the anticipation of the Reno11 Series. Such progress is expected to reinforce OPPO's pioneering position in the market and address the increasing consumer demand for sophisticated photographic capabilities in smartphones.

OPPO’s latest addition to its Reno lineup, the telephoto lens-equipped Reno11 series will be arriving in global markets soon, making studio-level photography more accessible for everyone. 

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