Cascadeo Partners with AWS to Drive Customer Savings and Operational Efficiency

Cascadeo Partners with AWS to Drive Customer Savings and Operational Efficiency

Globe Group’s Cascadeo, a leading provider of managed cloud and professional solutions, has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s most extensive and widely utilized cloud platform, to assist businesses in achieving maximum cost savings. #AWS #Cascadeo


Through joint research, Cascadeo and AWS showed how organizations can harness the power of AWS Lambda, the event-driven, serverless computing platform from AWS that is leading the cloud computing revolution. AWS Lambda enables enterprises to operate their applications and services seamlessly without managing servers, offering significant savings and enhanced operational efficiency.


Joint research featured on AWS partner network blog


The study was featured on the AWS Partner Network Blog, demonstrating the shared vision of Cascadeo and AWS to provide an economical, high-performance cloud infrastructure for businesses looking to innovate and grow in today’s digital landscape.


“We are excited to share our insights on the AWS Partner Network Blog," said Jared Reimer, Chief Technology Officer and Founder of Cascadeo. "Our collaboration with AWS showcases our dedication to helping businesses evolve with cloud technology, making significant savings on cost without compromising on performance.”


Cascadeo’s JV Roig, along with AWS experts Deborshi Choudhury, Josh DeMuth, and Rishi Singla, conducted in-depth research to provide a data-driven view of customer options. The findings revealed that transitioning to Arm-based AWS Lambda functions can lead to notable performance improvements and cost reductions.


“From that experiment, we found that switching to Arm-based Lambdas can have significant benefits in terms of performance or cost—and a lot of times, even on both! In this post, we share interesting findings that can help you gauge the benefits of a potential migration to Arm-based Lambdas, given your very different workloads,” the team said.


The detailed report is accessible on the AWS Partner Network Blog and includes a comprehensive analysis of performance and cost between AWS Lambda Arm-based and x86 architectures. The findings reflect the commitment of both companies to empower customers with the knowledge required to make strategic choices about their cloud infrastructure.


Cascadeo’s initiative is part of the Globe Group’s broader goal to lead the global conversation on generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cloud technology. This partnership with AWS underscores Cascadeo’s position as a thought leader and innovator in the cloud industry.


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