GCash PayPal Link Account Cash-in Experience for Customers


GCash PayPal Link Account Cash-in

Leading finance app #GCash strengthens its partnership with multinational online payments provider #PayPal to provide the freelancer and e-commerce entrepreneurs community in the Philippines with an improved cash-in experience.

Through this continued partnership, customers like remote freelancers and e-commerce entrepreneurs can enjoy the new and improved ‘PayPal Cash-In’ feature in the GCash app. By linking their PayPal accounts to GCash and cashing in at least once, they can get a P500,000 wallet limit, a more convenient cash-in process, and a safer experience.


Representatives from GCash and PayPal met at the GCash headquarters in Taguig, Philippines earlier this year to mark their stronger partnership. Officials from both organizations expressed their excitement for yet another milestone due to the synergy between the two giant fintech companies.           


“We at GCash recognize the vital role of PayPal among remote Filipino workers, freelancers, and digital nomads. GCash will continue to be the best way to convert your funds from PayPal seamlessly,” said G-Xchange president and CEO Ren-Ren Reyes.


The new feature is set to take effect in March 2024. The launch emphasized GCash’s commitment to providing the most affordable and user-friendly financial experience through this pivotal role in serving the Filipino workforce. This development aims to empower a significant portion of the country’s workforce and online entrepreneurs, providing them with a seamless avenue for managing their finances.    


“Linking a PayPal account to GCash and cashing in is the fastest, most affordable, and seamless end-to-end experience so far,” said GCash International general manager Paul Albano.


The collaboration between GCash and PayPal proves to be another step closer to financial inclusion. GCash remains the unparalleled solution in the Philippines for seamlessly converting funds from PayPal.


For more information, visit: https://help.gcash.com/hc/en-us/articles/360020281973-Cash-in-via-PayPal

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