Enhancing Global Efficiency and Competitiveness in IT-BPM

Enhancing Global Efficiency and Competitiveness in IT-BPM: Key Strategies

The President of the Philippine Software Industry emphasizes the importance of the right partner in driving digital transformation.

The IT-BPM sector in the country is experiencing a period of accelerated growth and expansion, driven by digital transformation, a progressively skilled workforce, and service diversification. To maintain this growth, significant investments in education, infrastructure, and innovation are crucial.


In the previous year alone, the industry witnessed a revenue growth of 10.3 percent, amounting to $32.5 billion, and an 8.4% rise in full-time employees to 1.57 million. These indicators suggest that the Philippines is on track to become a global investment hub for services.

To sustain this development and maintain global competitiveness, the IT-BPM sector should persist in adopting solutions that boost operational efficiency and foster a sustainable talent pool, as stated by the IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP).

“In a rapidly agile environment, it’s essential to listen and associate better with your target market and embrace new technologies that enhance connectivity and simplify processes. This will ensure businesses in the sector remain competitive and relevant,” said Jonathan de Luzuriaga, President of Spring Valley and the Philippine Software Industry Association, who also serves as a Globe Business Ambassador for IT-BPM.

For businesses in the industry to adopt digital tools that align with their evolving needs and operations, they must identify the right partner to aid in enhancing operational efficiency as they progress in their digital transformation journey, added the tech visionary.

“As the demands and workloads evolve in today’s business landscape, scaling infrastructure and resources can be a challenge. However, with Globe Business Cloud Solutions, businesses like Spring Valley can effortlessly host websites and develop apps in the cloud, paying only for the services they utilize. It also scales in tandem with your business, facilitating seamless growth,” said De Luzuriaga.

“Digital transformation is crucial in tackling challenges in a rapidly changing economic landscape. Today, technology plays a pivotal role in progress, so Globe Business continues to innovate digital solutions and services to help businesses maintain resilience and sustainable growth,” said KD Dizon, Head of Globe Business.

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  1. What is the IT-BPM sector? The IT-BPM sector refers to the Information Technology and Business Process Management sector. It involves managing information technology and business processes for organizations.

  2. What is digital transformation? Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers.

  3. What are Globe Business Cloud Solutions? Globe Business Cloud Solutions are services offered by Globe Business that allow businesses to host websites and build apps in the cloud, paying only for the services they actually use.

  4. Who is Jonathan de Luzuriaga? Jonathan de Luzuriaga is the President of Spring Valley and the Philippine Software Industry Association. He is also a Globe Business Ambassador for IT-BPM.

  5. How can I sign up with Globe Business? You can sign up with Globe Business by visiting their website or contacting their customer service.

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