Globe Ensures No Active SIMs are Unregistered


Globe Ensures No Active SIMs are Unregistered

Globe, a leading telecommunications company, has been diligently enforcing the SIM Registration Act, ensuring that all active SIMs are registered.

Globe’s policy prohibits the use of unregistered SIMs. Under its current system, a SIM is activated only after it is registered through Globe’s SIM registration platforms.


Darius Delgado, Globe’s Vice President and Head of Consumer Mobile Business, stated, "Our SIM Registration system is designed such that no SIM can be used on the network unless registered. Hence, all active SIMs within our network are in our system. We have measures in place that defend against the illegal use of unregistered SIMs, even as we continue to enhance our SIM registration platform.”

Globe boasts a substantial user base with 58.8 million mobile subscribers.

Post the registration period from December 27, 2022, to July 30, 2023, which covered SIMs already in use before the law’s enactment, Globe deactivated over 30 million unregistered SIMs.

Globe has since fortified security measures for SIM registration to ensure the integrity of the registration process for new SIMs.

These measures include advanced encryption protocols to secure data transmitted during the registration process, live photo capture technology to prevent the use of stock or pre-existing photos, and limited ID submission retries to prevent random or repeated attempts to register with fictitious documents.

Globe urges SIM users to submit accurate information and photo IDs, reminding them that submission of false information is punishable under the law.

To learn more about Globe’s efforts for SIM registration, please visit their official website.


  1. What is Globe? Globe is a leading telecommunications company that provides various services, including mobile network services.

  2. What is the SIM Registration Act? The SIM Registration Act is a law that requires all SIM cards to be registered for use.

  3. Who is Darius Delgado? Darius Delgado is the Vice President and Head of Consumer Mobile Business at Globe.

  4. How many mobile subscribers does Globe have? Globe currently has 58.8 million mobile subscribers.

  5. What measures has Globe taken for SIM registration? Globe has implemented advanced encryption protocols, live photo capture technology, and limited ID submission retries to ensure the integrity of the SIM registration process.

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